11 Free Keyword Research Tools to Look for in 2024

Many startups always showcase an idea but unfortunately, they lack the financial resources to equip their websites with some tools. For such people, if there is a way to accomplish specific tasks without spending a dime.

Well, if this sounds like you, you can probably admit that you are always reluctant to spend an amount of your money on basic things like keyword research tools. However, what if you were told that there are plenty of free keyword research tools waiting for you to take the initiative?

This piece informs you that there are possible ways to use some of the best research tools without breaking your bank. Moreover, you can visit keyword.com to learn on some of the benefits brought to your site by SEO. Regardless of your niche, goals, or audience, these tools will give you an insight into what to do to achieve excellent search visibility.

1. Soovle

Soovle offers keyword suggestions from many search engines such as Google and Yahoo. It gives some trending keywords, more so in alphabetical order. In addition to that, it also allows a user to save these keyword suggestions.

Some of its main features include; it customizes search options and helps one in switching to different search engines. Moreover, it helps one in reusing identified and saved items.

2. Answer the Public

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This is an essential keyword generator that gives you the effect of SEO on your websites. This is a powerful application that works in regions such as the United States and Afghanistan. Some of its main features include; finds up to 1500 PR keywords, supports many languages such as Polski, and automatically offers content suggestions.

3. QuestionDB

Reddit is an enormous stage used by millions on a daily basis to talk about issues they are having, discover answers, or to discover arrangements they need. QuestionDB has made a huge database dependent on questions asked on Reddit that surveys significance by a catchphrase additionally by the classification. With one or two words, one can get results for numerous keywords.

4. WordStream

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With this tool, you have a chance to key in a website URL to search for keywords. The tool also offers some other essential features such as; driving traffic to one’s site, shows the top ten keywords after a search, and shows competition score results.

5. Google Trends

This is a free tool that is used online. Its primary function is analyzing popular keywords and search queries on Google. This means that one can use this tool to find keywords across the globe, as well as in different languages.
Some of its main features are; allows one to find out the interests of people, detects various topics from the search keywords, and offers accurate searches. Other include providing real-time search trends and providing wise statistics on request.

6. Wordtracker Scout

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Wordtracker Scout is an extension of the Google Chrome tool that transforms the web into an enormous keyword generator site. Scout gives all and sundry the opportunity to join the Big Data or what is commonly referred to as ‘Big Keyword Data.’

For a start, you simply need to connect the tool to your browser, and things will run accordingly. By utilizing this free keyword, you can break down those significant and real websites that attract your loyal and target audience. As a result, one gets an opportunity to pick the exact keywords as a centerpiece.

Most importantly, all you need is a click of the button to get all the keyword ideas of various sizes.

7. KeySearch

This is a tool that allows you to spot low competition and also to identify popular keywords for your blog. KeySearch also has a unique way of importing phrases. Moreover, it gives a user some of the top keywords suggestions by top search engines such as Google and Amazon.

This, therefore, means that one gets a quick analysis of keyword competition.

Some of its features include; checks site’s links, and search for at least five keywords a day. In addition to that, it also offers a video tutorial on how the keyword search tool works.

8. WonderSearch

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Wondersearch is a free keyword research tool that inquires about apparatus that gathers terms that can be semantically identified to the original keyword. Fundamentally, it creates the keywords based on Google’s “people ask why” feature.
It is so easy and effortless to use it as there is the little prerequisite of the creation of a Google account, or sign in features. Moreover, the tool has a feature that helps one to download all the keywords, and more so save them in CSV file.

9. Keyword Tool Dominator

This tool ensures that one can search long-tail keywords that visitors to search engines may be searching for. If you need more than a hundred keyword phrases, make sure that you download the app.

Some of its features include but not limited to; offer a list of results from your search, give the most popular keywords, and offer hundreds of keywords in less time.

10. Ubersuggest

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This tool helps one acquire more than 100 keywords in a few minutes. It also offers all the necessary information in regards to organic keywords and website traffic.

Some of its features include; gives a complete SEO report on ranking for keywords, searches competition and trends, gives keywords based on what users are typing.

11. Instakeywords

This keyword tool gives multiple keyword suggestions. It also gives other essential data such as competition score and a total number of searches in the last months.

Some of its main features include; exports keywords in one click has no graphics or ads, finds long-term keywords. Instakeywords also ensures that one can search for keywords in mobile phones.

If you need to save a few dimes, you should avoid premium keyword tools. SEO tools are quite expensive. However, you can always get the same results by using the above free keyword research tools.