Advantages And Disadvantages Of Grammar Checking Tools

A grammar checking tool is a kind of software with the help of which it becomes possible to detect grammatical errors, punctuation mistakes, spelling mistakes, sentence structuring issues, etc. can be detected and rectified. Apart from that, this type of tool can also check the active and passive voice of the sentence. You can visit if you want to check your documents and make them error-free.

It is very easy to use this tool and all that you need to do is to copy the text that you need to check and paste it in the text area provide by the tool. The tool will then automatically find out the errors in the documents and give you the probable suggestion to rectify the errors. However, it is up to you whether you accept the suggestion or not. But before you implement the tool it is always better to understand the advantage and disadvantages of the grammar checking tool. Hence, in this article, we have come up with both the advantages and disadvantages of such tools.


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The following are the advantages of the grammar checking tool:

  • Saves time and money: It really takes plenty of time to manually proofread a document but this type of tool saves plenty of your time. This type of tool is highly beneficial for those who are busy or when you need to submit your document on a deadline. The best thing about this tool is that you do not need to hire any technical person for proofreading your document. Thus apart from saving time this tool also helps you to save some money.
  • Conceptual learning: With the help of this type of tool it also becomes possible to build a strong foundation in English. This tool automatically breaks down the content into some small parts, identify the spelling and grammatical mistakes, and thereby allows you to enhance your knowledge of the English language.
  • Multi-compatibility: The biggest advantage of this type of tool is that it can provide you multiple functions. For example, with the help of this single tool, you will be able to eliminate all kinds of contextual, spelling, grammatical, punctuation errors in the document. Thus you do not have to implement different software for different purposes. This type of tool provides you with contextually based corrections.
  • Helpful for dyslexic people: Many people today suffer from dyslexia, or the inability to read and write words in the right order. People who suffer from dyslexia often confuse the letters, but this program recognizes this and automatically corrects it.
  • Indicates frequently used words: When the same word is often repeated in a text, it loses quality. These programs are able to recognize and mark frequently used words, offering you an adequate synonym.
  • Free Versions: The good news is that many of these programs can be used without spending a single dollar.


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The following are the disadvantages of the grammar checking tool:

  • Context-based: This type of tool is context-based and it does not restructure the sentence word by word. As such, you cannot expect 100% accuracy while checking through this type of tool. Apart from that, since most of the grammar checking tools are context-based checkers they will not check the meaning of the sentences. This type of tool also removes negative sentences such as not or no but, in many cases, such negative sentences become essential as without them you will not be able to express clear meaning.
  • Similar words: This type of tool can only correct the common words and when it comes to detecting words of incorrect usage, they cannot take any detect. For example, this tool treats the sentence like an airplane can fly and a car can fly in the same way and cannot detect errors in the sentences.
  • Proper noun and complex word: This type of tool cannot detect proper nouns and it cannot capitalize the first letter of the places, persons, organizations automatically which is grammatically wrong. Again, it is observed that this type of tool has some limited rules when it comes to detecting grammatical, spelling, and other mistakes. When you use complex sentences this type of tool cannot detect the mistakes and even if there are any mistakes in the document the tool will report it as a correct sentence.
  • Archaic expressions: It can happen that some errors “slip” because the program does not recognize archaic and uncommon words, because they are not in the database. But it is good that there is an “add to dictionary” option so that users can add a specific word and thus improve the program for future use.
  • Free versions: Yes, it’s nice to hear that there are free versions, but what is their drawback is that these versions make many grammatical and spelling mistakes, so it is necessary to review the text or buy an improved version.
  • Excessive reliance on the program: It can very often happen that the program does not correct a mistake that would be noticeable to the eye, of course, if you pay attention. Always keep that in mind, and software makes mistakes. Therefore, it is important to always review the text, especially if you are writing an important document or essay.
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Thus, after knowing both the advantage and disadvantages of the tool you should decide whether you will implement the tool or not. It is always better to check the document once after writing so that you can at least make sure that the document has minimum or no errors. Once completing the checking through the tool, you can go through the document once to make sure it is 100% correct.

What I value can help in choosing software is the experience of others with the same, as well as reviews that soon so you can always find and read. Who can tell you the truth better than those who already have experience with it?