5 Important Employee’s Rights in the Workplace

Worker’s rights are of utmost importance because they spend a large portion of their time at work. So, an employee must ensure that he is working for an employer who stands for all Federal Regulations regarding employment and anti-discrimination laws. Each individual must be treated equally well in the workplace to get positive and enrich the working environment that can promote productive outcome and career development.

The employee must understand that whether they are working with large firms, multinational companies or a small scale firm, they have certain rights which are protected by law.

This article will help you to understand what some essential rights are, which an employee must get.


It is not allowed for employers to discriminate against workers salary, promotion, hiring and firing grounded upon the following factors:

  • Marital status
  • Age
  • Sexual preferences
  • Pregnancy
  • National origin
  • Citizenship status (Labour law defines that an employer cannot refuse to hire because of their accent, or that the person is born in another country)

Sexual Harassment Is Prohibited

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Sexual harassment is strictly prohibited, and it’s completely illegal in the workplace. Employers cannot force you to participate in sexual favours for the sake of job security or in case of promotion because it will be considered as sexual harassment.

Unemployment Benefits

Labor laws allow employees to receive and enjoy unemployment benefits as long as they have been working and even currently meeting particular requirements from their state of residence and the federal government.

Equal Wages

Employers are not supposed to pay equal wages to all employees. The employer can only give fair wages if all the workers execute similar job tasks with equal working hours and equivalent skill set requirements. The environment must also be the same in this situation.

Safe Workplace Environment

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Safe workplace environment without any health and safety hazards is an employee’s right. If an employee is not satisfied with the working environment, he can file a complaint with the occupational and health administration. It’s the employee’s responsibility to bring this to the knowledge of authorities and even employers without any threat.

Overtime Wage Compensation

It’s the employer’s responsibility according to the labour laws, to pay for extra hours. The employee who works additional hours over the regular 40 hours of the week deserves extra wages. Employees who are salaried workers are not eligible for overtime wages.

Must-have family and medical leave

Labour law allows employees to have up to 12 weeks of unpaid leaves, and job safety regarding illness, the birth of a baby, adoption of a baby and for taking care of the extremely ill family member. But it also dictates by labour law that to get this facility an employee must work for a year or at least 1250 hours for the same employee.

Bonus: Why Should Employees Be Aware of Their Rights

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The rights every individual on this planet has at the workplace are now clear. However, there is one sad fact that we need to highlight here. People often do not want to avoid even thinking about their own rights because they are afraid they could lose a job. Unfortunately, that is the main reason why in the 21st century we have many employers that do not care at all about the rights their workers have.

We would like to make things easier for you and tell all the important reasons why you should stand up for your rights. When you read the list below, you will see it can be beneficial for you, and losing a job is not the worst reason that could happen. Let’s start!

You Will Finally Get Aware of Your Value

No one has the right not to treat you like a human being. You have a complete right to express your opinion, and get paid for all the tasks that you have done. Many people start to believe they are not even capable of expressing their opinion in the workplace. That negatively influences their mental strength and they get used to doing what other people tell them to do.

As you probably know, creativity and independent problem-solving is essential for your personal development. Working under such conditions will only ensure that you stagnate without any signs you will manage to make improvement in the future.

Mental Problem Can Sometimes Be Tougher than You Think

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You will manage to convince yourself that everything is fine for a short period. However, imagine that you are discriminated or a victim of sexual harassment regularly? How long will you manage to stay mentally strong just because you have a good salary? Sooner or later, your mind will explode, and you will start to be mentally ill.

We believe it is much better to fight for your rights immediately after you notice something bad is happening. There is no reason to feel depressed or anxious and accept to work under bad conditions just because you manage to ensure a stable financial stability. Trauma can remain even after you quit the job, and that is something you would definitely want to avoid.

You Are Not Fighting Only for Yourself

Are you even aware of how many people in the world are dealing with bad working conditions? Just like you, they are not ready to make changes and they would rather stay quiet. They are afraid to start fighting for their own rights because they are afraid they will be alone in that battle. In the end, they will be the only ones who are going to lose the job, and that’s something they can’t afford to happen.

Well, someone needs to start the entire process, doesn’t it? You are probably waiting for someone else to do it, but someone else is also waiting for “someone else”. In the meantime, nothing changes! Because of that, think of all the people that feel the same way as you. If you start to protest in your own unique way, someone else will notice that, and he or she will join you.

Stand Up For Your Rights

If employees feel that any of their rights are being violated, they must stand up for themselves. It’s an employee’s responsibility to bring this in the notice of the employer in a polite manner. If you ever experience that you are not getting equal rights at the workplace you may consult  personal injury attorney Nevada they will help you out to avail maximum rights at the workplace.