Home Owners Association: Everything you Should Know in 2024

The homeowner association (HOA) is a board of directors elected among the residents to carry out various properties such as condos, co-ops, and even townhomes. If you get a property with such an association, you will be expected to pay some fees to cater for various community expenses. The association carries out multiple activities such as; 

Setting the Rules and enforcing them

You must abide by the rules set by HOA if you are a resident of the property they govern. The association sets conditions and bylaws governing the residents’ behaviour. They are also penalties set by it to be applied if any resident decides to breach the laws, such as fines. 

If you get a house on Movoto managed by HOA, it is essential to follow all the bylaws set by it. If the residents have issues, the association addresses the problems and makes decisions about the concerns. 

Deals with finances

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The HOA handles all the things to do with finances. They set the fees to be paid by the residents depending on the future financial projections. They have all the financial records, and the association sets a budget with the input of residents of the building.

The association should have people that have high levels of integrity to ensure that the money is not lost or misused. They keep a reserve of funds in case of any problem in the building that may need solving.


They are involved in maintenance, especially of the common areas in condos, townhomes, or co-ops. They keep common areas such as swimming pool, gymnasium among other areas in good shape and carry out all the necessary repairs.


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They hold meetings after some time, depending on the agreed dates. During the sessions, they discuss issues such as voting matters. They organize for members to meet up and discuss the problems that the members are facing. The meetings are held annually or monthly, depending on the rules set by the HOA. 

Voting on issues is also arranged by the associations, and they set the dates and call the members so they can vote. The associations maintain excellent communication between the homeowners, property managers and other personnel to ensure that everything is in order. 

The HOA arranges for inspections of the houses to gauge the repairs that are required in the building. After carrying out a check, the association budgets for finances needed for the maintenance of the building.

Conflict management

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Some conflicts arise in residential buildings, and the HOA is entitled to solve such kinds of disputes. The association resolves its conflicts differently depending on the rules set by it. Some of the associations may choose to carry out arbitration, while others may take those that are conflicting to the police.

If you want to buy houses governed by HOA, looking at how viable it is or how good it is should not be your only concern. It would be best if you chose an association that will serve you well to enhance your stay in the condo, co-op, or townhome that you want to buy. The following are factors you should look at when getting a house with such as an association;

 The fees

The fees differ depending on the HOA and its bylaws. The costs depend on the amenities that you get, such as the level of security. When it comes to fees, you have to look at certain factors such as;

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  • The fees concerning the amenities


You should never go for a house just because the HOA is charging fewer fees. Fewer fees may mean less security and also poor amenities. It is important to relate the prices and services provided. The fees should be fair, and if you are not interested in certain facilities of the building, you should avoid it because you will pay for the amenities even if you do not use them. Always get a condo in a building that has amenities you love.


  • The rate of increase in the fees


Different HOAs have different laws on how they should increase the fees. You may go for a building with fewer costs initially, but the prices increase within a short time. It is essential to research the criteria to get to know the potential increase in the fees.

The rules

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You should always know the rules and bylaws set by the HOA of the house you intend on buying. Some of the associations may have regulations that you may not be able to abide by; hence you should avoid such dwellings. Some of the associations may have strict sanctions, and you must know such factors to avoid landing into any trouble.

The HOA’s reputation

You need to know the people that will be making important decisions about where you live. You should schedule a meeting with the HOA president and gauge whether it is someone you would want to represent you.

The HOA can have certain issues such as petty politics, and it is better to avoid them. The HOA handles finances; hence they must be of the highest integrity level, and as a prospective buyer, you should look at their records and try to look at how well they spend money.

The state of the property

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The associations run the property and oversee the maintenance of the property. If the property is poorly maintained, it only means that there is an issue with the organization. It is essential you look at how the common areas are and if they are well maintained and if the paint is fresh in the homes.

If you are looking for a reasonable HOA, examine whether it is useful in managing the house, and if it is in a good state, it means that the association is good at what it does. You should avoid a poorly managed property since it means the association is not good at its job. 

Bottom Line

The HOA runs the building and oversees many essential things concerning your home. It is necessary to have an association that performs its activities efficiently, and you should always learn everything about the HOA before settling in a house with the association.