The Role And Uses Of Magnetic Materials In The Industry – 2024 Guide

Magnetic properties are well known amongst scientific circles, as well as in the industry itself. They are being used for many years, and their properties have found its purpose in different parts of the industry, starting from usage in the medical devices production and their usage in different medical diagnostics and fields. They are also used in other branches of industry, such as the automobile industry, computer and other electronics industry, and many more.

Medical usage

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Without magnets, all fields of the industry would for sure be handicapped. This is particularly true for the medical industry since most parts of very important machines used in the industry are composed of different kinds of magnetic materials.

The one that uses a very large magnet is for sure MRI or Magnetic resonance imagining machine; without it, it would be impossible to see into the body and get sophisticated diagnostics as we have now. How this machine works is that it used the giant magnet in order to see into the body and present the image of the internal organs. It reacts to different density and structures, so it is very valuable in diagnostics.

X-ray also uses magnets in order to construct the image of the internal parts of the body, but when compared to the MRI it does not provide so many details of the internal structures. This does not make it less valuable in diagnostics, and it is still irreplaceable in diagnostics of different diseases.

Magnets are also used in different laboratory equipment, for special vortexes and other machinery that is needed for the lab work to be done. We have magnetic stirrers that reduce the time of mixing substances and there are many more different machines that use magnets as essential parts needed for them to work.


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Different electronic devices we use every single day are based on magnetic properties. Old fashioned, cathode tube TVs used technology that relied on magnetic field and usage. Even though cathode tubes were replaced by LCD screens, they are still using magnets as integral and essential parts needed to work. All screens that you can see around your household items have magnet as a pert needed for proper function, starting from the computer or smartphone you are reading this, to your smartwatch, microwave, stove, and fridge.

The way all memory on the external device works is by using magnets and electricity to write and store information. Again, it has widespread usage in devices, and one of the first ones to appear were hard drives. This is why you can corrupt the data you have on the hard drive if you expose it to the strong enough magnet (do not try this at home).

Another usage of magnets in electronics is in speakers, this means that everything that can produce and emit sound has a small magnet inside. The mechanism of work is interesting and some will say very complex, but the point is that the sound in your headphones would not exist if not for that small magnet in them; the same goes for the speakers on your phone and TV.

AOMAG makes magnets that can and are used in all industries since they have a vast variety of types and sizes, that can be used in all different devices and industries.

Production factories

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When it comes to production facilities magnets can be used as integral parts of heavy machinery that are being used to do different work. One of the first things that will cross someone’s mind is the that big magnet that is used on junkyards to lift cars and other metal objects in order to transport them from one place to the other.

Another usage of the magnet can be to separate different materials and objects made from magnetic metals. This can be very convenient if you have a lot of material to go through, and want to separate just the ones that are made from magnetic materials such as iron. This can also be used to separate nails, as well as have a magnetic strip that will be used to gather and keep them while using them in some work.

Many machines in the production facilities use magnetic properties and materials for different purposes. From separation, sorting, and storage, to being an integral part of motors that are making these machines work properly.


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There are other usages of magnets, and one of the biggest magnets used is in the train that used magnets to hover over the rails and get to incredibly fast in a short amount of time. These trains are called supersonic trains and are becoming more popular as time goes by, and technological advances are expanding.

From biggest to smallest, one usage of magnet that you probably did not know about is the usage in credit and debit cards. That black tripe you have on the back of your card (we’ll wait till you check) is using a magnet to change the information and sent it back and forward from the terminal. As the card is being slid through the little machine used to charge you your bill, the card slides through the magnet and there is an exchange of the information between the card and the terminal used. This is very convenient and it can be also used in magnetic door openers in the hotels, personalized cards for public transport and other similar devices.


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As you can see there are many uses of magnetic materials in the industry. Almost all the things that we use in our everyday lives are dependent on magnets and their usage in order to work properly. Not only that without them medical diagnostic would be different, but the production of all things we use nowadays would be different if not impossible. Magnetic properties of different materials have made our lives easier and helped us make many different products we use every day. It is almost impossible to imagine life without all devices that are using magnets as well as without all the products in which these assisted to be produced.