The Best Sites for Online Sales in Serbia – 2024 Review

Since the dawn of the internet, people have used it for a wide variety of things as every year new features were added. It changed our lives so much that fewer and fewer things are being done traditionally, simply because it is easier and more convenient to do them virtually, from the comfort of your home.

Buying and selling things is perhaps the thing people use the internet today the most. The amount of possibilities one can find is next to limitless, and so are the ways of shopping and the places to get your things from. The same is true for every country in the world. While most of them use big-name corporations that are known far and wide, domestic alternatives are sometimes the best possible choices because they are after all tuned for the specific use within the country in question.

In this article, we will focus on the best sites for online sales in the Balkan country of Serbia. Serbia loves the internet and younger generations who have grown up surrounded by it know all of its benefits. However, older generations that were once seemingly afraid of new technologies are now also widely present on the web and they know how best to use it to make their lives more intuitive and easier. This is especially true when buying and selling things online is concerned. Following is a list of the best websites and services for online sales Serbians love to use.


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We will start things off with one of the newer additions to the market of online sales services in Serbia. is a very easy to navigate and simple to use trading websites with all of the fan-favorite features. The home page is clean and basic, but also very interesting and fun. You are met with three separate search options. One is for categories, one is for the keyword, and the last is for the city in Serbia. The big “Search” button is there as well. There are 22 categories, for now, each with its own colorful little image for easier navigation. You can find anything from real-estate and vacations to agriculture machines and cars. The usual everyday things like clothes, home appliances and technology, and services are also available. All in all, this is a great all-in-one solution whether you want to post an ad or search for one.

  1. KupujemProdajem

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Translating to BuyingSelling, this is one of the most popular and widely-used online shopping and selling services in Serbia, as well as its neighboring countries. It has been in existence since February of 2008 and it is very well kept and updated frequently. It is advertised as the leading Serbian online class field ad services and top websites in the country. By most estimates, it has more than 1.4 million new listings each month and at any time, more than 2 million active listings are up for sale or trade. There are over 1.5 million registered users who either sell, buy, or do both. According to the most recent reviews, it is the eighth-most popular website in Serbia, after Google, Facebook, YouTube, Wikipedia, and several local news websites. As of the writing of this article, there are 3,014,974 things and 5,654 services available. Dozens of categories and a wide range of prices are there for whatever you need. Search options can be filtered, and there is also a currency converter present. An Android app exists as well.

  1. PolovniAutomobili and MojAuto

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Translated to “Second-HandCars” and “MyCar”, these two specialized web listing services are made specifically for vehicles. Although they mostly deal with cars, there are all sorts of vehicles and parts available on these two websites. The first one is more popular and the dominant of the two. It currently has just under 500,000 ads, while the second has far less at around 30,000. Whenever a Serbian car owner wants or needs to sell their car, they put an add on one or both of these websites. They are also the go-to solution when buying new vehicles. Many car dealers advertise their cars here as well, and they have special logos and special types of ads reserved for them. This of course costs extra. The filter features are truly fascinating, as one can search according to all sorts of details, no matter how small. Manufacturers, models, regions, vehicle age, mileage, size, fuel type, gearbox, registration dates, color, materials, origin, and all the separate equipment are all available as unique filter options. This means one can find literally whatever they need on these websites.

  1. Social Media

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Facebook and Instagram are the two most popular social media platforms in Serbia, and it seems that anyone with internet access has accounts on both of them. While they use it for private reasons like having fun, staying in touch with friends and family, and for all sorts of news, many Serbians also utilize the amazing search options and the sheer variety of content to advertise their goods and services, but also to buy from others. Facebook groups exist where all kinds of craft foods, drinks, and other products are advertised and where small businesses interact with each other. People appreciate the quality and skills of these people and their long traditions over commercial chains. Serbians love good food and drinks and they often pay more if they know the quality and the origin of the ingredients is top-notch. Instagram is the best solution to advertise their own products, skills and crafts, companies, and businesses. Social media is most often the best way to get in touch with the sellers and ask them about their offers.

Honorable Mentions

Here are three more amazing places to buy and sell your goods and services that are in no way, shape, or form worse than the above-mentioned solutions:

  • Limundo – an auction-type website similar to eBay where you can bid on auctions or immediately buy
  • Kupindo – another auction website similar to eBay where buyers can either bid or buy
  • Halo Oglasi – A newspaper-type online service similar to KupujemProdajem with hundreds of thousands of different ads and services separated in dozens of categories