How To Choose The Best GPS Tracker For Hunting? – 2024 Guide

Hunters nowadays can use GPS trackers to find hunting routes and make navigation all-round better. Hunting is not your ordinary sport, and can oftentimes be quite frustrating when you don’t catch anything. But technological advancements have made hunting a lot easier.

Nowadays, hunters use trail cameras to locate deer and other animals. They usually place the trail cameras on known spots where animals can be found, leave them for some time, and come back and retrieve the cameras for examination. They can then use GPS trackers to better track their prey and we’re going to explain to you how to choose the best ones.

1. Speed

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Speed is one of the three main qualities that make the best GPS product out there. The speed with GPS products is measured in how many satellites the device can connect to. Ideally, you’d want your GPS device to be able to connect to at least twelve (12) satellites.

The United States Department of Defense, on the other hand, has up to twenty-four (24) satellites. This means that each GPS device on U.S. soil can connect to up to 24 satellites if the device is capable of connecting to that number of satellites.

The speed, however, depends on multiple factors. And those are:

  • The size of the antenna on the device
  • How efficient the software of the device is
  • And the number of satellites

Your GPS device can connect to up to 24 satellites, but it can still be slower than other devices due to the software and antenna size.

GPS trackers are very widely used for hunters, fleet managers, etc. If you’re looking for high-quality GPS trackers that can be used for hunting and various other needs, then make sure to check out GoSafe and their products.

2. Functionality

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For hunting, GPS trackers need to be more than just functional, they need to be effective. Functionality is the second quality that people look for in GPS trackers, and it is a very important one. Functionality, based on itself, means how easy and how well the device works, and for what else it can be used to do.

The best trackers will be more than easily accessible on multiple functions. These can be, for example, being able to mark a specific hunting location, or find a route, or even calculate the distance of that route.

Different devices can do different things, but the best ones will be able to take care of all of your hunting needs.

3. Durability

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When we buy a device, we expect that device to run for years with no slowing down. Well, that’s why durability is the third most important quality that a GPS device for hunting should have. Durability doesn’t apply only to the device’s battery, but to the whole device.

There’s no point in spending hundreds of dollars on a tracker that will break at the first opportunity. The best ones should be durable enough to withstand most types of damage associated with hunting and serve you for years to come.

On the subject of battery life, it should at least have the capabilities to stay alive for the duration of your hunting trip.

At the very end, we also want to suggest you to equip yourself with a good GPS device for your car as well, because hunting trips are usually very long and the roads are very challenging. If you want to learn more about these devices, we suggest you visit here.