How To Create A Professional Invoice – 2024 Guide

When you create a company and sell products or services to your customers, you usually don’t receive the money right on the spot. To get your payment, you will need to create a professional invoice and with it, notify your clients about the money they owe you, the payment deadline, and give them additional information depending on your type of business.

In this article, we are going to help you create this document and with it, represent your business in the best possible light.

The process of writing it

The first thing you need to do is sit down and create a draft for your professional invoice. You can choose to complete this document on your own or just use a template. When you use a template, things are going to be easier for you, and you will never forget or miss an important part.

Nowadays, there are a lot of free templates you can easily find online, but you should never stick with the first thing you find. Depending on the company you are a part of, and the services or products you offer, you should look for something that will fit your needs.

The easiest way to finish the whole process without bothering about the details is to use a service that provides all the things you may need – starting from the template, up to sending the document, keeping track of the things you’ve sent, and even calculating the tax automatically.

Marking is important

One common mistake many suppliers make is that they don’t mark the invoice properly. When you add all the details and include all the dates, the whole thing will look like a perfect guide and information about the products your clients have purchased.

In most countries, you are required by law to add the word Invoice on top of the document so your clients know what they are receiving. This way, they are more likely to pay you on time without any further delays.

Additionally, if something happens and you don’t get your money, you will be able to present your case in front of a judge and show that you sent your clients all the needed information and that they received a proper bill with all the needed marks.

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Add all the needed information

There are a lot of things that you should pay attention to when you create this document, and putting the name of your company is one thing you cannot miss. Your clients may be collaborating with a lot of companies, and if they don’t know who sent them the bill, chances are, they will ignore it.

No matter if you are sending this document via email, or if you are using traditional means, you still have to clearly state the name of your company, the address, as well as the name of the client with their address. Billdu suggests that with the right invoice maker, you will be able to email the document with ease, get notified when your client has seen it, and even send reminders about the upcoming payment.

The office address you add for your company must include the registration number, especially if you are a part of an LLC. Add the names of the directors, and always double-check to see if all the information is correct before you send the document.

Details and description

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One of the most important parts if you want to show that you are part of a company that provides good and high-quality services.

In this part, you have to put descriptions and details about your products and the services you are offering. This information should not be too long, and the customers should be able to just skim through it, but you need to add all the info about the things you are requiring money for.

For example, if you are selling products, you should write a description of the product, what it is, what it does, and how many of those products were delivered to the customers. If you are selling makeup products, you should put, for example, moisturizers for dry skin, name of the brand you are selling, and quantity. Depending on the template you are following, there will be a special part or category where you put this information.

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Don’t forget the dates

To create a professional invoice, you have to write down all the dates that come with your services. There are two parts that you need to focus on. The first one is the date of the invoice, and the second one is the date when you provided your service or delivered the products.

These things will help both you and your client to have better cooperation. In some cases, the supplier forgets to add information about the delivery, and things may get confusing. Always recheck if the dates are correct and always keep track of all your customers and your services before you have to provide the bill.

Add any additional financial information or delays

When creating this document, don’t let your clients sum everything on their own. You should put the prices of the separate products or services you offered them, but you should also add information about the total amount of money they should send to you.

In case you are offering any discounts or additional deductions, you should put those numbers as well. Experts suggest that adding the VAT number is advised.

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Don’t forget to add information about the payment terms at the end of this document. Here you have to specify the date of the invoice when it is due and if and when you are going to remind your customers about the payment.

One thing you should never forget is to mention how you want to get paid, and if there is a specific bank, email, or application they should use, it is best if you add the account details in the terms. The bank details are a must, so don’t forget to specify the bank name in this document.

These are the most important things you should know about creating a professional invoice. With a document like this, there won’t be any confusion or misunderstandings. Follow a template, or consult with your financial advisor if you are not sure if everything was done correctly.