Top 15 Memorial Attractions Near Union Station LA – 2024 Guide

Union Station is the major railway station in LA. It is many years old and is an excellent place to explore the unique architecture.

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1. Olvera Street

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It is a fun cultural heritage site in LA. Here, you can visit the central pavilion, explore some of the museums, see one of the oldest houses in LA and have taquitos at Cielito Lindo. It is also magnificent during the Day of the Dead Festival, which happens every year.

2. Chinatown

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For a different cultural experience, move to Chinatown, which is a few miles away from Olvera Street. Here, you can have an experience of tasty food, shopping, and lots of unique architecture. It also has the traditional Chinese lanterns and has a wishing fountain that you can throw coins into.

3. OUE Skyspace LA

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It is in the US Bank Tower. This unique LA attraction has a glass slide, where you slide from the 70th floor to the 69th floor, all completely in glass. The slide goes fast, giving you a fun experience. There are also two open-air observation decks that are fantastic spots for sunset.

4. Grand central market

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Next is the Grand Central Market, an indoor public market. It’s been there for decades and is open seven days a week with lots of restaurants and delicious food to explore.

5. Bradbury Building

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It is a must-see sight with spectacular ironwork and designs, that’s why it also got featured in Blade Runner. It is a super cool piece of architecture that you can explore. It is right across the street from the Grand Central Market.

6. The Broad Museum

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It is the new contemporary art museum in LA. This gallery became famous because of its “Instagram-able” attractions. It has the art collection of more than 2,000 works by 200 plus artists.

7. Walt Disney Concert Hall

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It is the home of LA. It is a self-guided tour and is free of cost, so you explore it on your own and even take a tour of the concert hall and walk through the gardens, which are its main attractions.

Also, if you get a chance, see a show there. It is supposed to have the best acoustics in all of Los Angeles.

8. Angels Flight

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If you enjoy rail journeys, this is a must. It is a funicular type railway that takes from the Grand Central Market to California Plaza., which is up the hill approx. 300 feet. You must have seen this fun attraction in some of the recent movies also.

9. The Last Bookstore

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It was an old bank building that turned into a two-story bookstore that has a considerable amount of books. They’ve created a fascinating combination of eccentric art and a wide range of literature in a unique space. There is also a Tunnel of Books on the 2nd floor adjacent to the vault housing the crime and horror collection, which is cool. It’s a perfect place for the book lovers, and for those not, just to walk around and take it all in.

10. Spire 73 Bar at the InterContinental Hotel

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If you are in LA at night, move to the InterContinental hotel, the tallest building. There you may take the elevator to go to the tallest open-air bar in the entire country, which is on the 73rd floor. This is a luxurious and expensive place with the sweeping views of the city, making it the most mesmerizing view!

11. Little Tokyo

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It is in the heart of downtown LA. This area includes all sorts of Japanese related items, has many different and unique restaurants, and one of them is the most popular one, one must try, which is Daikokuya, a local favorite Japanese restaurant. This is a place with a lot of vibes!

12. Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels

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It is a beautiful church designed by the Spanish architect. Even if you aren’t interested in religious significance, this church is worth a visit. It is stunning with contemporary design and a large open floor plan.

13. LA City Hall

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Los Angeles City Hall is a beautiful and unusual building. It’s adjacent to Grand Park. The view from the top of it is stunning. If you go during business hours, you’ll get an exclusive view of LA from up high. It’s free and about 200 feet up. You can get a unique view of the East Side of Downtown in an open-air observation deck. This is a fantastic place to visit as it gives you splendid views. If there’s not any smog, you can even see Hollywood.

14. Grand Park

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From City Hall, you can move to Grand Park. It is another fun place to relax downtown. There are many reasons to be here, having a scenic and beautiful view, and at the top a radiant and colorful fountain that kids often play in, you can come here to enjoy and calm down on a stressful day.

15. Dodger’s Stadium

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This is an excellent place for all Baseball lovers. You can visit Dodger’s Stadium during a game day. You can also visit the stadium even if there’s no game in town. If you aren’t a huge baseball fan, there’s just something cool about being in Dodger’s Stadium with no one else around.

These amazing memorial attractions near Union Station LA will conjure up images in your head long after leaving the city and remain as an unforgettable memory giving you the scintillating experience of the city!!