5 Pros and Cons of Vaping E-Liquids in Serbia – 2024 Guide

There is a great discussion among people about vaping and regulations that should or should not let people vape in public spaces. The industry is developing fast, and there are many products available today, along with various flavors, sizes, prices, and more. When it comes to vaping e-liquids in Serbia, the main difference between this and many other European countries is that you can smoke in most closed areas, such as bars and restaurants. Also, both smoking and vaping are allowed when you are outside, even in crowded places such as bus stations, promenades, and more.

While we have the Tobacco Products Directive in countries that are part of the EU, officials in Serbia still don’t have any strict laws that would ban smoking and vaping. The only law is related to age limitations, where you must be at least 18 years old to buy vapes, cigarettes, and other tobacco products. While there are many public stores where you can buy any of these, many people today would rather shop online. You can visit vaporsolo.com if you are interested in buying vapors, e-liquids, pods, and other vaping products.

Moreover, people are getting more and more interested in e-cigarettes, and smokers are switching to these devices. While a lot of people claim that there are many benefits of smoking e-liquids instead of cigarettes, you should know that there are some downsides as well. Here are the main pros and cons of vaping e-liquids.


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1. There is no Bad Smell

The main difference between standard cigarettes and vapors is that there is no irritating smell left on your clothes and fingers when you vape. Many people have a problem with clubs and bars in Belgrade and other places in Serbia because a lot of people are smoking in closed areas. On the other hand, non-smokers won’t get bothered if you are vaping since there is no odor while you smoke.

2. You Can Control the Nicotine Intake

While there are various types of cigarettes with different amounts of nicotine, the best way to fully control the nicotine intake is to replace your tobacco with e-liquids. These products are available in different sizes and with a wide selection of nicotine levels. The advantage of controlling the intake of this substance is that you can prevent some side-effects from taking too much of it.

3. Wide Selection of Flavors

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If you prefer various flavors inside your cigarettes, there is a poor selection of tastes. The most popular flavor tobaccos in Serbia are menthol and blueberry. On the other side, the choice is much bigger when you are using q-liquids since you can choose from a wide selection of flavors like many fruits, food, drinks, or standard tobacco taste.

4. Wide Selection of Prices

Since there is a great rivalry on the market, you can choose between a wide price range and choose the product that you find most affordable. On the other hand, cheaper prices of vapors will not be such a motivation for people in Serbia to replace cigarettes with vaping because this country has one of the cheapest tobaccos products in Europe. The average price of one pack of cigarettes in this country is less than $3. On the other hand, vapors have similar prices in most states, and they are mostly sold over online shops.

5. It is Safer Than Smoking

While there are some downsides to vaping, it is important to know that using e-cigarettes is over 90% sager for your health than any tobacco product. Smoking cigarettes can cause issues with blood pressure, circulation, teeth, mouth, lungs, and skin. On the other side, the chance to develop any of these issues by vaping is much smaller. Moreover, vaping is a great way for passionate smokers to quit smoking cigarettes.


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1. Higher Price

Even if you choose an affordable product, you have to know that you will need a refill all the time, and you will constantly need to buy more liquids. Also, people often get attracted by the various choice of flavors and spend more money to use several of them every day. When we compare cigarettes and vapors, bottles with liquid are much more expensive.

2. Too Many Equipment

While smoking cigarettes is easy, most of the vapors require users to learn how to use this device along with the refilling process, charging, cleaning, and more. It can be annoying to deal with all of that every day. However, we can see that a lot of people who are passionate about vaping are enjoying these processes. Therefore, you can always ask some of them to help you to learn some skills to operate with vapes more efficiently.

3. It is Treated Like Smoking

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While you won’t face any issues while vaping in Serbia since there are no regulations in this place related to smoking bans, the problem is that many countries are using the same regulations for both smoking and vaping. Therefore, even with the fact that vapes are only let out hot steam, vaping is not allowed in most closed spaces and many public areas in the world.

4. Technology Learning Curve

Some many vapors and e-cigarettes are simple for use, even for a beginner. However, there is much more promotion of some complex products that might make people think about how you will need some special skills to operate with these devices in the right way. You should research the market and look for products according to your experience.

5. Potential Health Issues

Many studies confirm how switching from cigarettes to vaping can be beneficial for your health. However, there is still a chance to develop some health problems like coughing, weight loss, asthma, bronchitis, nausea, and more. On the other hand, most of these potential issues are only possible in the case that you are vaping too much or choosing poor-quality products. Also, there is a great danger for kids because it is easier for teenagers to hide these devices, and you won’t be able to sense that they were vaping in the home. In that matter, it is important to educate them and introduce all of the negative sides that vaping could have on their mental and physical development.