How to Payout in a Few Hours – 2024 Guide

The real time of withdrawals depends on your chosen payment method. When it comes to online casinos, it should be very easy in every aspect. Our goal is to make things simple and let you enjoy amazing slots and table games in a safe environment. All you need is to choose the fast withdrawal casinos and start playing.

Whenever you want to payout the winnings, just pick your favorite method and go. But before that, check the casinos with excellent selection of payment methods. For example provides full reviews of the payment systems in each casino. There are comprehensive descriptions of casino payout methods.

The most important factors for payment methods:

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The speed of withdrawal gives us important information about trustworthiness, fairness, and support of a casino. To begin with, we have to consider two things. Firstly, when we speak about payout time, it’s always wrong numbers on the site. If you see 72 hours on the main site, in fact, it can take 24 hours or less. However, in some cases it can take several days.

Thereby, in the article “Descriptions of payment systems”, we tested all payments by ourselves, and you can trust these numbers easily. Secondly, it is necessary to play casinos, which are 4-5 years in gambling market. In order to build a strong payment system, casinos need to take some time. That’s why in our tops, there are always experienced casinos with 10 or more years of successful work.

Financial stability

In fact, that is the most important factor for every business. In other words, the casino is going to pay well, if it has cash on hand, according to bingo Australia Deep pockets of any casino shows the stability, and as a result, excellent intentions to customers. So, if the casino has enough cash and keeps a significant amount to make withdrawals, it will payout instantly.

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Sometimes, slow payments refers to a low level of casino with fraud intention. But what is the reason for slow payments? In fact, some casinos use manipulation techniques to keep your credits on casino accounts. They hope that someday you will lose patience and start playing more. We recommend you to take a deep breath and wait for a few days.

How fast can you receive your winnings?

That is the most interesting part in this article. There are many methods to choose from. Especially, if you’re from Canada, UK, Europe and New Zealand, you have a wide range of available options. As you know there are hundreds of available options from e-wallets to credit cards. All of them have their own pace, fees, coefficients and costs. All in all, it’s very important to make a small analysis and find the most suitable option for you.


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Electronic wallet is a new way of transferring money. It works between the casino and your banking account and allows you to make instant deposits and withdrawals without sharing your personal information. Moreover, the fees are much lower than in other methods. Examples of popular e-wallet solutions:

  • Neteller – it’s a leading payment system, which is available in more than 200 countries. It uses SSL encryption to ensure players’ security. In addition, it provides very fast transactions, convenient interface and low fees, especially if you have privileged status.
  • Skrill – it’s a simple, fast and secure method to transfer money to online casinos. It supports mobile and desktop devices and the minimum deposit is $10. As well as other e-wallets, it will take about 1-5 days to make a withdrawal. Skrill fees about 1.9%.
  • Paypal – many players love paypal for its simplicity. You don’t need to put in big numbers, names, security codes and other security procedures. Plus, a lot of countries accept Paypal.

The conclusion about e-wallets

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In fact, almost all modern casinos accept e-wallets. So, before choosing the favorite one, make sure that it’s accepted in many casinos. Don’t forget to read the special offers, which casinos give by using specific methods. Moreover, with e-wallets you can make money transactions without sharing banking details. Compared to other payment methods, e-wallets provide the fastest service.

Credit and debit cards

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We all use credit and debit cards on a daily basis, however, is it possible to make fast transactions on casino sites? It’s perfect to deposit money through cards, because it’s always instant, however, withdrawals are not that fast. The average time varies from 1 to 5 days.


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You’ve probably heard about cryptocurrencies, but have no idea how it works. However, take into account that bitcoin transactions are very fast and take low fees. For the past 2-3 years, many casinos have become friendly with cryptocurrencies, especially bitcoins. That’s why you can find several platforms that accept it.

Tips to speed up your payout process

We all want to payout faster, but mostly it depends on the chosen payout system. Below you will see some tips to make it faster.

  • Prepare your documents. Before starting the withdrawal process make sure to collect all important documents. Some methods require a verification, thereby, you need to have your docs ready. The documents consist of ID or your photo with your bank card.
  • Check the terms and conditions if you want to deposit with bonus money. Some payment methods are not used to receive bonuses, because they are banned for that purpose. Make sure to choose the one, which provides casinos’ bonuses.
  • Check the VIP benefits. The majority of casinos provide privileges to withdraw faster. Being a member of a loyalty program, you will be receiving exclusive offers, as well as indulgences in the payment process.


Finding the fast withdrawal casino should not be hard for you now. Look for the features, which we highlighted and choose the best option. We recommend you to try e-wallets first. It’s fast, reliable and easy. Don’t expect to get the money in a few seconds, it is always a long process, even with e-wallets.