How to Plan a Successful Family Camping Trip – 2024 Guide

Adventures from camping, playing in nature, sleeping under the stars, campfire evenings Рthe kids remember forever. And parents enjoy this type of vacation, of course, provided they are well prepared. That is why having the right camping gear that best suits your needs is essential. On the other hand, not many people embark on such an adventure.

How to Meet Your Baby’s Camping Needs

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When camping with children, it is clear that they will require the best care as possible, so the question is, how can you provide this.

First of all, you need to think about basic needs: eating, sleeping, going to the toilet, and bathing.

When it comes to nutrition, it is the same thing as preparing for nutrition for yourself, except that if it is a baby, not an older child, you need to adjust the foods and diet on the camping to his age.

Going to sleep – a baby cannot sleep in the same camping gear intended for an adult, but an older child can. Therefore, the child, according to his or her age, should be provided with a suitable environment and sleeping equipment.

We recommend that you camp in places that have restrooms when it comes to bathing and going to the toilet while camping. That way, you can rest assured that your child does not miss anything in this segment during camping. Furthermore, antibacterial wet wipes and other antibacterial agents will come in handy when camping with your baby.

Talk to your children about camping

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For the child to be psychologically prepared for camping, it is essential to inform him on time what awaits him during the drip, and how better to do it than by talking?

Do not wait for the last moment to talk to your child about this, but inform him or her in time when you will go camping and what it will look like. The younger the child, the more imaginative and childish you can be in a camping story. Make your child love camping before he or she experiences it. In essence, this is a surefire path to a beautiful and enjoyable experience and the most beautiful memories to take from camping!

10 Tips for Careless Camping

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Did you know that the first camper manual was written back in 1908? Since then, camping has become one of the most popular trends in family tourism. If you haven’t already, it’s time for you to develop a tent.

You do not need not to be afraid of nature. If prepared well, camping can become your favorite holiday. Follow our steps, and you’ll be ready for adventures like Indiana Jones.

1. Develop a tent at your home, in the yard. Learn how to set it up, and when you do it, pour it with water to see if it leaks. Wait for it to dry, pack all the pieces, and arrange as instructed.

2. Carry a little more than you think you will need, especially if you are traveling by car. Regardless of the season, pack a sweater and jacket and a few pairs of socks. It is usually much cooler in the forest, under the mountain or near the river. Find places for raincoat and rubber boots, too.

Things you will need while camping (of course, next to your tent) are:
an ax
a hammer
a knife
a sleeping bag
blankets, blankets
an inflatable pillow
a kettle
a plastic lunch set
a thermos bottle
a lighter or matches
personal hygiene items
toilet paper
garbage bags
wet wipes
utensils (depending on what you plan to make), spices
food cans (with an opener)
chairs and a folding table
first aid box
adhesive tape
lamp, batteries
mosquito or beetle cream
a small shovel.

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3. Try to get to the site (which you must have reserved beforehand) during the day. The essential tip for camping is to pitch your tent before dark. Be sure to tell someone from your immediate family where you are going and when you plan to return.

4. Bring plenty of water. You can’t do it without it. Some campers also carry water purification tablets if they plan to camp near a source.

5. Prepare your food at home. It is recommended that you chop most vegetables before departure and pack them in separate bags. Bring along some ready-made meals and cans as well as food for two days more than you planned to stay, should something unforeseen happen.

6. Do not light a fire or prepare food near the tent. Make sure to position it so that the wind smells off your campsite.

7. Do not leave food or personal hygiene in a tent – scents attract animals. Store it in special containers or place in a sack or container and hang on wood.

8. Take care of your children. Be careful that they do not wander into the woods.

9. Keep the tent closed. Although it sounds pointless, you believe, you don’t want to find a new lousy friend who wants to slip into your sleeping bag.

10. Don’t let your camp be a dump. In addition to not being comfortable, the garbage will attract unwanted visitors, who could spoil everyone’s camping. (Dispose of waste in a container, lock it in a car, or hang it in a tree).

Campfire tips and tricks

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Doing a barbecue, burning a campfire, but she persistently refuses to “crack”? With this “fire,” you can prepare yourself, you will no longer have those worries.

There are several ways to make them, and we bring you a couple. You can simply hold the charcoal in an old egg carton and make it easier to start a fire without dirt.

It’s even easier to coat the cotton balls with petroleum jelly and put them in a zipper bag. When you need to light a fire, just place the cotton balls under the dry twigs and burn. It can’t be easier, can it?

Maybe it can – fill up used rolls of toilet paper and stuff cotton wool or flammable material into them and just place them with twigs and burn.

If you want a little more professional “fire” to light a campfire, try making these pans.

You will need a cardboard box for eggs, cotton, cotton wool, or silicone cotton wool and petroleum jelly. Fill the holes in the egg carton with cotton wool and coat each with one teaspoon of petroleum jelly. Again, put another piece of cotton wool over each piece of coated cotton wool and press it tightly. Cut out a cardboard box, just the pieces (holes where eggs usually stand) filled with cotton, and Vaseline and your “fire” is ready.

This way, you can make a “fire” with greasy crayons. Fill the holes in the egg carton with cotton wool. In a tin can, melt old greasy crayons. Remove from heat when melted and allow to cool slightly. Pour a little into each partition in a cardboard box and allow it to cool completely. Cut out the cardboard box, separating only the bulkheads filled with dissolved grease.

You can also keep corks made from wine bottles in alcohol, so just insert them under dry sprigs before starting a fire.

Keep them in plastic bags with a zipper. It can take up to 5 minutes, which is enough to keep your fire burning.

Final Word

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Now that you know how to prepare and equip yourself for camping with your kids, we are sure you will do it the best way you can! If you want to learn even more about this topic, click here. We wish you a happy camping trip!