How Do You Become A Licensed Sponsor In The UK?

We are all aware that the need for qualified and skilled workers is high, which is one of the main reasons for migration today. The great thing is that most governments are aware of this issue and have added certain rules on how someone can become a licensed sponsor and speed up this process of finding the right type of workers. Now, this is also something we will further discuss so that you will get all the necessary info on this subject.

Checking whether the job is eligible

For starters, when it comes to becoming a licensed sponsor in the UK, it is necessary to check whether your business is eligible or not. It means that in order to become a sponsor, you need to pass some checks, as it is not something that every person who applies can become. The most important thing is not to be involved in any criminal activities, as people who have criminal records or were involved in any type of fraud cannot get this license. Understandably, this is a common practice for most countries, as almost every country practices that those who have a criminal past need to go through a thorough check, and in most cases, their application is denied.

Besides that, it is impossible to apply and get it if you applied within the past year and were rejected regardless of the reason, and you will need to wait a certain amount of time before applying again. Another important thing to mention here is that all the employers you provided with sponsorship visas must be entered into the system, and their activities must be monitored, which is something you need to provide as the employer. Overall, doing a bit of homework upfront and checking all the facts is required as it is the only way to really get an insight into the job eligibility.

Collecting the necessary documents


The most challenging part of this process surely is collecting the necessary documents, as it can be pretty complicated for people who do not deal with a lot of paperwork in their everyday lives. Namely, in order to get the sponsor license, you will need to gather a lot of papers, as not having just one necessary document can lead to rejection, and it can be a real nightmare to apply again because, as we have already mentioned, you will need to wait for a year or more for the next application. You will need to provide proof that there is no criminal activity in your company or personal life and fill out all the necessary applications because each paper will be reviewed before the final decision. The authorities need to check whether you are a reliable person who will carry out all the duties that being a licensed sponsor takes.

On the other hand, gathering other documents is yet another thing to focus on, as not having a complete dossier will just prolong the decision over whether someone can become a licensed sponsor. All of this shouldn’t be that big of an issue as all the necessary paperwork one needs to gather and submit can easily be found on the website, which reduces the chance of not knowing what documents are needed. All in all, the process is far from complicated, and the process of applying for and getting a UK sponsor license usually lasts for up to eight weeks.

The company needs to be located in the UK


Okay, this one is pretty easy to understand, as one of the most important conditions the company needs to fulfill if you want to get your sponsor license is to be located in the UK and mainly operate in this country. Namely, no matter how successful the company is and how much money it can make, it will be impossible to get this license if it is not registered in the UK. Of course, it also needs to be real and operate, not exist only on paper, as it will be checked in detail to avoid any possibility of fraud. Understandably, this shouldn’t be an issue, as if you really want to become a licensed sponsor, the company you own already operates here and is in need of qualified and skilled workers.

The time necessary to get a license

Although it might seem complicated at first glance, if you are doing everything by law, it is possible to become a license holder in less than one month. Of course, it can be too stressful for people who do not like to deal with a lot of paperwork, and the best solution for them is to ask for professional help if they want to get their UK sponsor license as soon as possible. Dealing with the necessary documents can prolong the required time to a few months, while the professionals can make this process much easier and shorter thanks to the experience they have. Of course, it all depends on the type of license you apply for and the type of workers you seek, as there are many variables that affect the waiting period, and this is one of the most important ones.

Pick the right type of license


As already mentioned, the type of license you apply for dictates the amount of time you will have to wait for an answer. Namely, there are two main types, and depending on the company’s needs, the workers one might seek are temporary or long-term. Choosing the right type is crucial here, and if you are searching for a skilled and qualified worker that will fill some position at the company for a longer period, then long-term employment is the type of license you seek. On the other hand, if you need qualified workers for some specific task and do not have a long-term position reserved for them, then applying for a temporary license is the right option. Above all, you can always opt for and apply for both types of licenses, but this can lead to a longer waiting period until your application is approved.