4 Tips and Tricks to Know about Location Sharing on iOS – 2024 Guide

Is there a person on this planet that knows where you are in every single moment? We believe that even our love partner does not know our location each minute. Of course, someone could find out that if he is following or spying us. However, something like that is not often going to happen.

On the contrary, what if we tell you that your iPhone knows where you are always? Well, that would a great and bad thing at the same time. It depends on the expectations and requirements that you have. Some people require complete privacy and they do not feel comfortable because of that. On the other hand, some people consider this feature helpful. We will explain later why people consider it valuable.

Well, many apps that you use will ask you to share your location. For instance, whether or mapping app will always require that. However, things are a bit different when we talk about iOs devices. They have some additional ways to allow you to find your phone or let other people know where you are.

The usage of location sharing is possible in many ways. Because of that, some people consider it a bit more complex. Fortunately, you came to the right place. This article contains tips and tricks to know about location sharing on iOS. You can consider it as some sort of guideline.

Enough talking; let’s find out those tips and tricks together.

What If I Want to Hide My Location on iOS?

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Well, some people simply do not want to expose their current location. Logically, in that case, you can always turn off the location sharing. However, sometimes we want to show that we are located in a completely different place. The reasons why you want to do that are not important to us. Maybe you want to make a prank or simply have time for yourself and avoid others that call you to hang out. You are here to get the necessary help.

Anyway, WhatsApp is one of the applications that people use to chat with each other. The developers of this app recently launched a new update. More precisely, the Whatsapp users now have the chance to share their live location. Well, there is a way to create and share a fake location on this app.

Well, there are many different ways of how you can do that. For example, you can manually share the fake location from your iPhone. The process of doing that is not complex and we recommend you visit VirtualLocation to find out more. There you can get more info about other ways of doing that as well. We assume it would be quite useful for active WA users.

Another way to keep a bit more privacy is to hide the iOs location changer. Some third-party apps like Dr.Fone allow users to teleport their GPS location anywhere in the world. For instance, if you are currently in Los Angeles, you can be for a couple of seconds in Chicago. At least, people that you share your location with will think you are there. Check the website we attached to find out more about the services you can use.

Icloud Location Sharing

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iCloud is one of the tools that make the lives of iOs users a lot simpler. However, it can also be a great tool for this type of sharing. Managing that is possible with only a couple of clicks.

The user should primarily go to the Setting and pick the “iCloud” option. After doing that, you will see “Share My Location”. More precisely, you will have to scroll down to the bottom.

The good thing is that you can use location sharing with iCloud in several different ways. First of all, you can choose which device you want to use to do it. It would be recommendable that you pick one you always bring together with yourself. Despite that, there is also a “Family Sharing” option. Here you can see the list of all your family members and choose to share your location with them or not.

Find My iPhone

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Find my iPhone and Find my Friends are two Apple-built apps that are quite popular among people. “Find My Friend” option allows iPhone users to find the location of all people that share their location with them. Finding a certain person on the map is easy. The only thing you will have to do is to tap that person on the screen. You can add or remove people from that list whenever you want.

Things with Find My iPhone are a bit different and advanced. The user will have the chance to see all the available devices on the map. Logically, this counts only if they share the location.

You do not have to worry about your security with this application. Certain functions will confirm this statement. For instance, the device you use will make a device each time you can’t find it. You will have to switch to the lost mode in case you want to do that. Apps such as these track your phone and make it easy to find. You can choose a variety of tracking apps, some of which are reviewed at echospy.com and use those for various purposes.

Two Types of Location Sharing

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The first thing you should know about location sharing is that there are two types of them. Those two types are – temporary and permanent. Well, both options that iOs devices offer are good for different purposes. Because of that, it would be good to describe them both.

Messages app is the best place to see the advantages of temporary sharing. Let’s imagine that you are driving and you plan to get to your mother’s house. However, she is a bit impatient to see you and she is constantly texting you. Logically, you would want to avoid using the phone while you drive. Because of that, the simplest way to tell her where you are is to share your location.

This can also be a great way to never get lost when you are on vacation. Let’s say that you and your friends are walking around a certain town. Logically, everything in that town is new to you and it is easy to get lost. Well, you can share your location into group chats and make things easier.

Do we even have to explain what permanent location sharing means? In short terms, people will know in every moment where you are. At least, they will know where your device is.