7 Tips for Choosing the Best Commercial Ice Machine in 2024

The ice machine is necessary for all food-based businesses. There is a constant requirement of ice for various purposes. It is crucial to get the machine that functions properly and meet your needs. The market is full of many options, and it is hard to select anyone. Check this out for specific tips that you need to follow before choosing the perfect ice-making machine for businesses.

  1. Ice Types

In commercial machines, three kinds of ice cubes are required in food businesses. The ice is available in several dimensions and structure. Check out what is your preference.

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  • Cube: It is the common form of ice in various food businesses. The cubes melt and dissolve slowly in drinks. If you are serving cocktails in your restaurant, then this form of ice is the best. There are different sizes like full, half, crescent, or regular.
  • Nugget: It is also known as chewblet ice with the slow-melting feature. It is commonly used in healthcare businesses. Indeed, it melts slowly, but it is easy to chew as compared to cubes. It works well for creating smoothies, and all the smoothies and beverages. When we use this ice, then it minimizes the presence of syrup or another ingredient. It can be used in quick-serving hotels, health clubs and hospitals.
  • Flake: The ice is quite safe and easy to chew than cube and nugget. If you have to display anything in front of your guests, then you can use this form of ice. You can create drinks and cool your food instantly. It is easy to maximize the cooling when you pack the ice with the food. If you are running a grocery store, then you may need this form of ice.
  1. Water Filter

This equipment is necessary to increase the life of the ice machine. It helps in cleaning the machine and minimizing the mineral deposits. This equipment is useful when you need to enhance the flavor of the beverage, create huge amounts of ice, less usage of power and water.

  1. Types of Ice Producers

There are four categories of ice machines, which are used for different purposes.

  • Modular: If you want to create large quantities of ice, then you must prefer this type. It is available in different widths, i.e., 22, 30 and 48 inches. The device can produce a good quantity of ice between 250 to 1000 lbs every day. There are different units for both storing and dispensing.
  • Undercounter: The device is smaller in size and is available with counters of 40 inches. It comes with a storage bin, which is perfect to use in bars, restaurants, and cafeterias. You can get a maximum of 350 lbs of ice every day.
  • Countertop: These devices are small and are installed in the healthcare industries. The nugget ice is dispensed in it, which is quite easy to chew. There is a small storage bin in it. The device can manufacture at least 4000 lbs ice every day. It works well for patients and other staff of hospitals.
  • Combination: It is a perfect machine for dispensing water and ice. The device is small and looks good in healthcare places, offices, and lunchrooms. The ice is available in the form of nuggets, and it can produce at least 500 lbs ice every day. This machine can fit any compact space without any issue.
  1. Condensing Units

There are three kinds of condensing units, available in ice-making machines.

  • Air Cooled: It is an affordable machine, in which there is no extra cost of water. There is an area of clearance and discharge of 6 inches. Many people prefer this kind of machine.
  • Water Cooled: The device uses water for the condensation instead of using air. It is easy to install the machine at a maximum temperature of 80 degrees Fahrenheit. If you have any area with grease or contaminants, then you can install the device there. Any place with low air clearance is perfect for installing this machine. There is a massive consumption of water, and that’s why many people do not prefer it.
  • Remote Cooled: It condenses the machine by air. You can place it in any outdoor area. It does not dissipate any noise and heat as compared to other types. The installing and maintenance procedures are quite expensive than others, and it can be used in places where other types are not used.
  1. Size of the Ice-making Machine

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The frost-making device is available in different dimensions, and you can buy as per your room space and preference. The larger the size, it creates a huge quantity of ice. Check what are your needs regarding the capacity.

  • New Businesses: You need to estimate how much you require the amount of ice that you need for your food-based business.
  • Replacing Old Ice Machines: If your old machine does not serve the purpose, then you have to calculate the required capacity of the ice-making machine.
  • All-Purpose: Sometimes, you may need huge quantities of ice, and your existing devices are not sufficient to provide that much. You can get a new one to fulfil your needs.
  1. Requirement of Ice

Every restaurant requires ice differently according to the number and types of meals, customers, etc. Consider how much ice you need in your restaurant and get the required size of the ice machine. Ensure that you do not get an undersized or oversized ice-making device. Consider what you require and buy that meets your needs.

  1. Power Supply

The frost machines are available with the power cord, and you need to have a socket to operate it. Make sure that you check the voltage and power output required to start the machine. If the power supply is less or more, then it can also damage your device.

The Bottom Line

It is necessary to consider certain factors while choosing the best commercial ice machine. There is a massive requirement of ice in food-based businesses. You must invest in the right device and save your hard-earned money.