How To Make Extra Money Online At Home During COVID-19?

Everyone felt the effects of the coronavirus pandemic. When we say that, in addition to the infected, we also mean people who have experienced financial loss, have found themselves in a difficult situation in which they are in danger of losing job or simply need additional money. The economy is definitely suffering as a consequence of this virus, and only the most resourceful will get away with it.

We have a few tips for you that can help you overcome a pandemic very easily, by working from home and earning extra money or even a certain amount of money that can be your primary source of income. You never know. It is important that you are avid, and in the following text you will receive clear instructions with which you can turn all your ideas into action.

With our few tips, you can earn enough money for your current needs, as well as provide yourself with a comfortable life and go on those long-awaited trips and other places that you will be able to finance. Regardless of your current occupation, education or work experience, our tips are universal and you can very easily match them with your abilities and interests. Read below which are the best earning options for you during COVID 19.

1. Sell photos

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These can be some basic photos for which you don’t have to be too creative, but if you are one of the artists then this is the right job for you. There are various applications with which customers can pay you with a card, safely and easily, even before sending the goods. You will not need any prior knowledge, nor a sales site if you have them. In order to have more potential customers, try to do a little better research into how marketing promotion works, because that way you will be better positioned among the competition.

If you already enjoy taking photos and believe that you are pretty good at it, then why not try to make some money from your hobby. The only thing you will need is a camera that takes correct photos, a computer and fast internet and you can start a business.

2. How to and DIY videos

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It is clear to everyone how popular the YouTube platform is, and proof of that are the numerous YouTubers who earn a considerable amount of money from which they provide themselves with a luxurious life. Of course, none of them suddenly became famous overnight, nor did they earn a lot of money in the beginning, which provides them with a luxurious life today. Everyone had to start with that first video.

The most famous are the How to and DIY videos. A lot of people start with that precisely because there are different categories to which you can apply this type of video.

Its concept does not have to be complex, people post different things from a video that explains how to wash hair or a video that explains the process of repairing a car. Our advice is to try, and who knows, maybe you will become a famous YouTuber.

3. Copywriting

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The good thing about this business is that with the development of technology comes the growing demand for copywriters, because marketing itself is changing. Imagine, then, how much this occupation was in demand in the age of pandemics, when most jobs are transferred to the online platform. This is your chance to make money.

You will just have to know basic SEO rules. This way you will have a well-ranked text, and then you need to know how to research in order to properly handle a particular topic. This way you get enough information for a marketing campaign.
It is important to get acquainted with email marketing, because only a good copywriter will know how to create a correct mail that will not be immediately rejected, but on the contrary. If you know how to set yourself up there, you will have the interest of clients4.

4. Be an online English teacher

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What used to be additional jobs for young people, such as car wash, lawn mowing or waitressing, today, due to the advent of the Internet and globalization, it is teaching English via Skype to people from the Far East, primarily Chinese and Japanese, but also citizens of the Philippines.

If your English is native then this is an ideal occupation. You have the necessary qualification, and with that you can have great fun and earn a good income along the way. You can also make online language courses. According to the it is among the 10 best online business ideas with low capital.

5. Become a translator

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Another great way to make money online. All you need is to find a community that needs knowledge of a particular language. As we mentioned earlier, English is the most sought after language. However, if you know more languages, of course you have more opportunities when it comes to working with different communities.

Despite the fact that today there are various applications that offer this service, people are more looking for people who also do it on the online platform. Such texts are much clearer, concise and accurately translated. This demand is growing and it is predicted that new positions in this job will open up more and more.

Although interpretation and translation are two different professions, they still require knowledge of at least one additional language, so you can choose what you are better at. Of course, you can do both and thus earn more.


From the comfort of your home, you can work for yourself, organize yourself according to your needs and routine, and on the other hand, you have an income. Now you can take a break from formal obligations such as going to work every day, a good suit, etc. With our suggestions, you have the opportunity to make money as if the pandemic did not even happen while collecting money for all the things you want to do in the future.