How to Maintain your Car in Serbia in a Proper and Affordable Way – 2024 Guide

Car culture in Serbia is a strong and historically important one. Drivers usually adore their dear vehicles no matter how old they are, nor in what shape they are. Both the younger and the older generations have similar attitudes towards their four-wheelers, which reflects in the widely adopted practices throughout the country. In this article, we are going to explore how best to maintain your car in Serbia. To learn more and to order spare parts for your car while in Serbia, head on over to

Recent Statistics

Back in 2017, the total number of registered passenger cars in Serbia reached its absolute peak, when the 2 million thresholds were passed. In 2024, there is probably more than three years ago. During the second quarter of 2024, first-time registered vehicle total was 35,037, 14.8% of which were less than two-year-old vehicles. The most popular manufacturers include Volkswagen, Opel, Peugeot, Renault, and Audi. Out of these first-time registrations, 66.8% of cars were diesel and 29.9% were petrol.

Car Maintenance in Serbia

Before we move on to maintaining a car in the country of Serbia, it should be mentioned that the majority of the roads in Serbia are infamous for being not that well taken care of. Although the most important highways, motorways, and city streets receive frequent renovations every couple of years, with more and more of the road network being modernized each year, there is much to be desired. Therefore, it can prove hard to properly take care of one’s car 100% of the time.

  1. Regular Mechanic Visits

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Like everywhere else, it is crucial to visit a certified, trustworthy mechanic in Serbia if you want to take care of your vehicle. There are some true specialists in every city and town, known far and wide for their expertise regarding all sorts of cars. If you drive one of the most beloved manufacturers in Serbia, especially their fan-favorite models, you will have no trouble locating a great mechanic who will be more than happy to charge you for fixing your car.

Most mechanics are passionate about their job, and no matter what your trouble maybe, they will fix it eventually. However, there are scammers out there who tend to complete the job halfway or mess something else up while fixing the original problem. Make sure to ask around for the best guy in town and you will be safe! All of the things said are true for tire (vulcanizer) services, towing services, and scrapyards.

  1. Proper Cleaning and Washing

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The car wash business in Serbia is a lucrative one, especially in the recent decade since hundreds of automated, no-personnel stations started sprouting at every corner. Therefore, it is very easy to wash your car once a week for extremely affordable prices. In case you want your car to have special treatment, car-detailing centers are popular two, as there are usually a few famous once in every town. For a fair price, they will clean your car inside and out, and we mean everything, from the seats and carpets to the bottom of your car. To keep your car in mint condition for years, doing something like this once a week is more than enough.

  1. Garaging

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Furthermore, Serbian folk like to garage their cars, as this is a very important feature in used car ads. If a car has spent years with an owner while being in a garage most of the time when it was not driven, it is most often in much better shape than the same car that was parked on the street. Serbia has four seasons, and the weather ranges from snowy and windy with temperatures well below zero in winter, to scorching heat and both dry and humid air with 25 to 40 degrees in summer. This means that cars parked in the street year-round suffer a lot, and after several years the first signs of weather and element damage become clear. Therefore, to properly store away your car, try to garage is as much as possible, or at least build a makeshift cover in your backyard.

  1. Tips and Tricks

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Now it is time for some additional, general advice on car maintenance. For example, you should always leave the car for a few minutes to run in idle before you start to drive it. This gives the engine some time to heat up and be ready for use. You must do this during cold winter mornings, and most people leave the car idling while removing the snow from the car. In addition, make sure to switch summer and winter tires and just to remain on the good side of the traffic laws. A piece of good advice is engine braking, which will help you save your brakes and brake oil.

While driving through villages way outside of the city or on older, less used roads, be aware of the many potholes and asphalt/concrete/gravel patches. They can seriously damage your suspension and tires if you run over them at higher speeds. Finally, in bigger cities like the capital of Belgrade and Novi Sad, it is easy to suffer scratches from careless drivers at large, downtown car parks. Therefore, as much as you can, try to park away from the crowds since you can never know who parked can park next to you, or pass your parked car with no regard for others.


In summation, taking care of one’s passenger vehicle in the country of Serbia is not so different than anywhere else. If you pay general attention to your car and clean and service it regularly, it will last you for years and you will get a better price for it once you decide to finally part ways with it. Furthermore, if you care how you drive and behave in and out of the city, you will avoid mishaps generally caused by careless drivers, as well as cyclists and motorcyclists. All in all, there is no reason to go out of your way and do something extraordinary, as regular maintenance, care, and garaging usually do the trick!