7 Reasons Never To Buy Used Video Surveillance Equipment in Serbia – 2024 Guide

Shopping for your security camera means protecting your home, flat, or surrounding yourself and your property with the right equipment. Most of the time, pricing will determine if your surveillance equipment is the right one for you, and in most cases, used video surveillance will not get the job done, and you will not feel protected as much as you should.

“You get what you pay for,” is a saying that best translates in this case since surveillance products can get quite pricey, and the pricier they are, the better their performance is (most of the time). Here’s what you should know about surveillance equipment.

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  1. Quality of image sensors

Cheap security cameras will not have the best image sensors. This is because used cameras and their manufacturers will cut costs wherever they can. It is vital for you to have a high-quality and 4K resolution in order to feel protected. A used camera will not give you your needed sharpness, and you will have a hard time understanding what’s on the screen. Luckily for you, Videonadzor.net is one of the best surveillance options in Serbia. You can browse through different IP or DVR cameras + you will enjoy their face recognition feature. Popular and available in Montenegro, Bosnia, Serbia, as well as Croatia, they are an amazing go-to solution for people who want to feel safe and secure at all times.

  1. Digital zoom feature is essential

How to compare security cameras? Look at their digital zoom feature, and how it can pick-up on some details. Can it tell apart faces, license plates, colors, as well as vehicles? Digital zoom pixelation is essential, and most 4K cameras will impress you, even from a 60-meter distance! Nowadays, some cameras also offer a remote video storage feature, which is a growing trend, especially in America. Now, everything is stored directly on Cloud, which will send any new updated video to your storage. All you have to do is connect your camera to your Cloud, have an amazing WiFi connection, and give yourself some time to get used to this system. That’s all!

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  1. Night-time video quality

Infrared vision will leave you with a grainy or unclear image. However, proper newer cameras will also have an amazing night-time vision, along with a noise-reduction feature. Thanks to this detail, you will easily focus on the bigger picture, literally! When you use Smart IR technology, you are closer to adjusting the brightness automatically. Also, sharper images day and night will allow you to feel safer at every given moment. What is the point of a camera that is only good at protecting you and giving you HD resolution during the daylight? None! Your chosen brand, company, or service will provide you with all the needed protection, all in one place and with just one click of a button.

  1. Durability and Longevity

Low-cost cameras as well as used surveillance cameras are not the best solution if you demand durability and longevity. Second-hand cameras usually include a poor physical design, low-grade materials, as well as a cheap solder. Make sure that your chosen camera is constructed with aluminum or plastic material that is durable enough to survive and withstand poor weather conditions. Low-quality aluminum will have corrosion, as well as rust over it. ABS plastic is another material that you should avoid, and you will prefer robust designs, for sure!

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  1. Does it have a warranty

Used surveillance or any form of second-hand equipment can’t leave you with a guaranteed warranty, and we all love to feel safe, protected, as well as ensured, right? Most vendors usually have a two-year warranty. Usually and with most brands, a new camera system will come out to the market every two years, which is why no one offers a longer warranty period. This means that you should upgrade your tech every 2-3 years in order to stay fully equipped and up to date. Sometimes, your chosen brand will give you a discount on new models, as long as you are their loyal customer.

  1. What about its tech support

How well informed are you on the tech support, and do you care about its features in the long run? Security products worldwide have been getting their own upgrade, along with the tech support. Having trouble with cabling, DVR records, as well as power supplies are pretty common when it comes to video surveillance of any kind. This is why you need a trustworthy seller, who also offers amazing 24/7 support through both texts or calls! Professional installation is key here, and everyone will feel at peace once they reach out to the best company! It is a win-win situation for everyone.

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  1. Thermal cameras are quite important

What is a thermal camera, and why are people loving it as of recently? Well, it will help you navigate through your space 10x quicker and easier. Thanks to it, you will spot any person that emits high heat, and radiation will show off on the camera. This device will collect any radiation from the object, where thermal cameras will easily detect as well as differentiate a person from thick fog or smoke, for instance. If you want to know if people are getting into your way (literally), or just cats/dogs, this might be an amazing feature for you to consider in your surveillance camera.

Ready to shop for your new camera?

So, are you ready to stay protected and calm in any given situation? As you can tell, high-quality cameras will make you feel safe and sound, as well as calm during any stressful moment. Men, women, teens, as well as kids, should feel protected. Luckily for you, with the right high-quality video surveillance and an amazing infrared solution, you will enjoy your days off, long holiday getaways, as well as summer trips when you’re out of the city! Simply browse through your Cloud storage, and feel safe with just one click of a button!