One of Islamic State leaders Lavdrim Muhaxheri trained in US base Bondsteel

BELGRADE – Kosovo separated itself as a territory where different interests and paths intertwined. However, the biggest issue for Europe is that Kosovo has become a testing ground for recruiting jihadists, says the report of Russian journalist Anton Lyadov, shown on TV channel “Vesti RU”.


The route by which most of the refugees reach the territory of Kosovo is very difficult and leads through mountains. There are no fences in Kosovo, which is why this is the simplest and the most realistic way to reach Europe.

Since it is very cold in mountains, there is still snow, the movement is extremely difficult. Refugees stop for a while to rest, put up their tents. They do not even realize that there are not only bears, but the whole territory under control of Albanian-Wahhabi fighters. Not even local residents come here.

They are told not to go above 500 meters of height, because there begin the camps for training extremists. Terrorist organizations in the Sar-mountain exist since Kosovo war in 1999.

Cvetko Stojcetovic, a local farmer, says that there are more and more refugees lately. They descend from the mountains, knowing that they will be given everything they need at the camp.

There is about 60 kilometers to migration center. Next are control and barbed wire. Journalists are not allowed to visit refugees. Recording with camera and making photographs are forbidden, it is forbidden even to use a voice recorder.

“I am going to England through Kosovo because this is a weak state, almost out of control. Can they catch all of us here, know my real name? I have, for example, spent three months in Saudi Arabia. There many are accused of being connected to terrorists. In the migration center they do not know I have been in jail. But still they won’t let me enter Europe. My stash of money is getting low. And more than hundred of those like me have come here in the last nine months. No normal food, no money. Of course, people are desperate. What is left? They let us from seven in the morning until ten in the evening and many are looking for another life. There are organizations here that promise good life, but they force us to do terrible things. If you enter their ranks, you get everything. There are many such places,” said Zaki, one of the refugees.

“I sold everything I had to come here. And now they suggest that I should go back to Turkey, a country where terrorist attacks happen all the time? Better to kill myself,” said one of the Syrian refugees.

How many people reacted in the same way to the decision of the summit of the European Union and Turkey, is difficult to calculate.

There is an entire camp of refugees in the forest. Several hundred people live there. They cut the old furniture they found in nearby buildings so they could warm themselves. People put up tents. They kindle the fire, prepare food.

“We prepare what we find. The camp is dangerous, the police checks documents. What do we do in Turkey? There’s the problem of unemployment, people are afraid to walk down the street. It is very dangerous. No, it is better here,” admitted refugees.

“Turkey will not solve the problems of migrants, but will strive for its geopolitical interests. Erdogan openly represents the Islamist ideology. Turkey’s special services can recruit people from the several million people in their territory and to send them to Syria, Iraq and Europe – for secret intelligence work – as legal migrants. Erdogan sees joining the European Union as necessary or a mean to look away, or to undermine the EU from the inside,” said Milovan Drecun.

The Balkans capital of jihadism

Town of Vitina. Two kilometers from the border. The area is called the capital of jihadism in the Balkans. There is a mosque here most of the refugees come to. The area is completely controlled by Albanian groups. The mosque got famous for having photographs of Osama bin Laden hung inside.

“Lately there are many young men here who came from Algeria, Morocco. At first they live in migration centers, and then they come to us. Many take them in their apartments, houses,” said imam of the mosque.

These mosques on the refugee route from Greece to northern Europe are impossible to count.

Radical Islamism in the Balkans is progressing exponentially. In Skopje, the capital of Macedonia, on one of the buildings is a flag, a symbol of terrorist organization Al-Nusra, Al-Qaeda branch in the territory of Syria and Iraq. Blood of thousands of innocent people are on terrorists’ hands.

“The number of followers of the radical Islam in the Balkans is growing exponentially. Organizations are constantly receiving fresh blood, they have a well-organized religious network that connects Kosovo, Macedonia, Albania, the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, it is well organized and equipped to perform terrorist attacks. KFOR will rarely step into areas where they recruit young people. Regardless of the enormous military infrastructure they have in the territory of Kosovo,” said Milovan Drecun, Head of Delegation of the Parliament of Serbia in the Parliamentary Assembly of the Organization of Collective Security and Cooperation.

The leader of terrorists trained in Bondsteel

The US army base Bondsteel. The largest US base in the Balkans. To visit at least the first polygons, one should walk kilometers, but judging by the navigator, there is a whole city here.

Barracks for 7,000 people, shooting ranges, helicopter platforms. This place is known for the fact that here worked Lavdrim Muhaxheri with the NATO KFOR detachment. This man is leading the Albanian branch of Islamic State in Syria.

Journalists have buried him several times – 2013, 2014, but according to the Kosovo TV company RTK, he is not only alive – there are his photographs on Twitter from December 2015 – but he periodically exports new fighters from Kosovo to the territory of Iraq and Syria.

“Fighters here do whatever they want, before the eyes of NATO. Americans are not even trying to follow them. Look at my arm! I was leaving work, sat in my car and Albanian executioners began shooting at me only because I wasn’t in the lane. My head was 15 cm from the barrel of a gun. Bullets crushed my bone, broke my jar. I barely got to the hospital. NATO soldiers were nearby and pretended they did not notice anything, but the next day they came and asked what happened. As if they were not there. Shame! Unfortunately, refugees going to Kosovo today do not realize that the same thing can happen to them,” said an Orthodox priest Dragan.