Arriving in Serbia by plane – 2022 Guide

The national airline Jat Airways, together with numerous foreign airlines, operates regular routes to the international airports in Belgrade, Niš and Priština from locations all over the world. An ever-increasing number of low-cost airlines also fly to Serbia’s airports. Airlines Jat Airways Bulevar Umetnosti 16, 11070 New Belgrade tel. +381 (0)11 311-4222 Call-Center: 0800-111-528 … Read more

How to Plan a Successful Family Camping Trip – 2022 Guide

Adventures from camping, playing in nature, sleeping under the stars, campfire evenings – the kids remember forever. And parents enjoy this type of vacation, of course, provided they are well prepared. That is why having the right camping gear that best suits your needs is essential. On the other hand, not many people embark on such … Read more

What Do You Need To Start A Transportation Business –  2022 Step By Step Guide

Some professions are considered profitable at all times. Transportation is certainly one of them. But, you have not had any particular experience so far, and you need some prior knowledge before starting this business yourself. No worries, we’re here to make things easier for you in our step-by-step guide for 2022. Here is what you … Read more