Russia: School For Mastering “The Art Of Oral Sex”

Men are usually gentleman enough and would never admit to their chosen ones if they are not exactly skilled in providing oral sex. Thankfully, everything can be learned.

All interested Moscow ladies who are willing to set aside about 3,500 Russian rubles (about 85 euros / $113) have the unique opportunity to attend a course called “The Art of oral sex”.

During the course, they will get three and a half hours of intense training during which they will learn how to use lips and hands to bring their partner to ecstasy that they will never forget.

Also, this school is taught how to properly put a condom and other sexual skills, along with learning all of the “important spots” on the men’s and women’s bodies.

“Our goal is not only to teach the standard and advanced techniques of oral, classic and anal sex but to teach you in full how to use the erotic potential both your own and your partners,” says the advertisement for this school.

Sex is an endless inspiration to people all around the world. Now we have schools of oral sex and even furniture that can improve your sex life. If you want to check this interesting pieces of furniture where you can practice what you’ve learned in this school, visit