3 Common Mistakes That Can Get Your Second Citizenship Revoked

Depending on its internal rules and regulations, a nation can revoke citizenship, which means it can withdraw citizenship from one of its residents. When a person gets citizenship, they must know that a government can also cancel it according to some of the rules and laws not followed.

The biggest concern with obtaining a second citizenship is criminal behavior. Most nations have been quite explicit in emphasizing that if a person acquires nationality by investment and then commits a crime, the government will revoke their citizenship or, because of other practices also that can create problems. Further in this article, we will discuss some common mistakes you should avoid to protect your second citizenship.

Some Of The Common Mistakes That Can Get Your Second Citizenship Revoked:

Let’s check out some of the common mistakes that usually make problems for the citizen, and by knowing them, you must try to avoid attempting them mistakenly in the future. You can be extra cautious well in advance.

1. Residence Physical Requirements:

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Many countries require you to stay for just a specific time to renew your citizenship. Only the Antigua & Barbuda group compels you to stay there for a certain period to keep your passport valid. For instance, To renew your Antigua passport, you must travel to the Caribbean country for five (5) days within the subsequent five (5) years after becoming a citizen.

There is a specific law that even if you don’t stay for five (5) days, your citizenship won’t be directly snatched away. It is just that you won’t be able to renew your Antiguan passport until you do. Many other countries have other criterias.

2. Upkeep Your Investment:

There are many nations that provide citizenship in exchange for investment and offer a variety of investment opportunities. They consider the investment as a way to give citizenship to many people, but there are specific rules and regulations within that. Therefore, in this section, we’ll concentrate on them. If you want professional help in maintenance of the investment then you must ensure that what is the criteria of citizenship by investment and how you can manage it in the best way possible.

Buying real estate is one of the most well-liked investing strategies. However, the government mandates that persons who decide to purchase real estate keep possession of it for a predetermined period of time. Before taking further steps in the investment criteria, there are certain things to consider. Anybody who sells the property before the holding term expires will lose their citizenship.

3. Evasion Of Tax:

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Tax evasion is a serious offense that can result in the loss of your dual citizenship.This is considered one of the most decisive factors that can take away second citizenship. Due to the status of your dual citizenship, it is highly recommended that you follow the rules in order to avoid the government depriving you of your citizenship privilege.

You don’t want to come into the government’s bad books as it can directly affect your citizenship. Similarly, the government may refuse to renew or issue your passport.


When you have a second citizenship, you should be well aware and cautious to protect it at any cost. If it gets revoked, it is nearly impossible to get it back.