Serbia Sells 282 Tanks, 220 APCs, Missiles, Howitzers, …

BELGRADE – Ministry of Defence of Serbia announced that it will begin the sale of more than 480 tanks and howitzers, 220 armored vehicles, more than 20,000 rifles, and pistols and a large quantity of ammunition and other equipment.

According to the website of the Ministry of Defence, Directorate for procurement and sales plans to sell 282 T-55 tanks and 220 armored personnel carriers M-60, M-80, BTR-50 and BTR-60 and antitank weapons POLO, as well as 200 howitzers of 105 and 155 millimeters.

The Ministry will offer about 16,700 7.65-millimeter pistols, approximately 3,500 automatic rifles M-70, about 120,000 grenades, and about 1,500 missiles.

Interested parties can buy more than 1,100 anti-aircraft guns of 20 and 30 millimeters caliber and about 5,400 hand-held rocket launchers, mortars and recoilless rifles, and on sale will also be multiple rocket launchers and 26 missiles M-63.

The sale will include three radars SNAR-10 and more than 140,000 pieces of various ammunition.

The notice published on January 27 on the website of the Ministry states that the invitation to participate in the public bidding for the purchase of abovementioned weapons will be sent to legal entities that are legally entitled to buy this kind military equipment.

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