5 Best Things to Do in Singapore – 2024 Guide

Singapore might be small in size, but it abounds in many big surprises and contrasts. You can find plenty of different people there, from the simple folks to rick people who come to gamble. The gambling in Singapore is legal and that’s what attracts many rich people or people aiming to get rich there. Read more here if you want to learn the latest lottery results online.

However, besides gambling, there are plenty of other exceptional things you can do on this island city-state. You’ll find there everything, from pre-war buildings to modern skyscrapers and architectural wonders. Additionally, there are outstanding classy restaurants, high-end shops, and street markets to suit your needs.

Singapore is quite diverse. Thus, if you’re planning your trip there, here are the best things to do there.

1. Singapore Zoo

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The Singapore Zoo is one of the best zoos in the world located on a peninsula in the Upper Seletar Reservoir. You’ll be blown away by the design, the natural habitat-like enclosures, as well as, the globe-spanning wildlife. There are many different animals, including Nubian ibexes, baboons and mongooses, all sorts of monkeys, lions, leopards, cheetahs, and giraffes. You can either explore the zoo on foot or hop on a tram that goes through the park. Both you and your kids will love it!

2. Night Safari

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If you want to get close to some wild animals, a night safari is an ideal thing for you to do. The wildlife park in Singapore is located right next to the Singapore zoo and is open only at 7:30 pm-midnight. This is an exceptional experience for everyone who wants an adventure. You’ll get a chance to wander through the nighttime jungle and encounter over 120 species of nocturnal creatures close up. You can also get an electric tram to explore the place. There are also 20-minute Creatures of the Night show every night, which is very popular with kids. However, note that you cannot take flash photography in this park.

3. Gardens by the Bay

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If you want to see how a botanical garden of the future will look like, head to the Gardens by the Bay. These futuristic botanical gardens feature some exceptional biodomes and Supertrees. You’ll have a chance to walk through one of Singapore’s most remarkable green spaces. There are over 800 species of plants from different climate zones. Some of the plants there include giant cacti and ancient olive grove. There are also waterfall cascades and giant sculptures.

4. Universal Studios

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If you’re a fan of Universal Studios, you have to head to this branch of the super-popular Hollywood movie theme park. This theme park is divided into seven worlds. It offers plenty of attractions, which are suitable both for children and adults. There are also many attractions for thrill-seekers, such as Transformers the Ride, the Lost World’s Waterworld show, and a ride on Battlestar Galactica, which is the tallest dueling rollercoaster in the world. Note that if you want to get to the rollercoasters, head there early to beat the queues.

5. Singapore Botanic Gardens

img source: gov.sg

If you’re more into green spaces, why not visit Singapore’s largest one. The Singapore Botanic Gardens have some of the world’s most extensive orchid garden. Moreover, you’ll also enjoy well-tended lawns, free themed tours, lakes and a dense patch of ancient rainforest. The National Orchid Garden is one of the highlights there and flower lovers are amazed by it. You can find tropical orchids bred there since 1928, as well as, over 1000 species and 2000 hybrids of orchids.