Hitler’s grave discovered in Argentina? – report


BELGRADE – Argentine archaeologists, on a private property in a forest about 60 km from any kind of civilization and the nearby city of San Carlos de Bariloche, found the grave of Adolf Hitler, reports Serbian daily “Kurir”.

The property is very difficult to reach because it is surrounded with 60 km of forest, and it can only be accessed by boat, which is impossible to do unnoticed because the bay is clearly visible from the watchtowers.

The grave was found 70 meters from the property in the forest, and was decorated with swastika, eagle and it says “Here lies Adolf Hitler, Furer of the Third Reich”, writes the daily.

Archaeologist submitted a request to the Argentine government to carry out the exhumation of the remains and compare DNA.

The property was owned by the director of “Mercedes”, who was also the largest supporter of Nazism, according to the daily More than 60,000 Nazis lived in Argentina, among them Josef Mengele, one of the largest villains of the world.


  1. No other English language news sources are running this story so you have either been taken in by a hoax… or you have the news scoop of the century! :)

    There have obviously been lots of “Hitler Escaped to South America” conspiracy theory stories before, which I take with a grain of salt but, as far as I know, this is the first involving an alleged grave site. Okay, let’s see some evidence – do you have photos of the grave? Can you do interviews with these Argentine archaeologists? Has a third party gone into evaluate the find? Why have the Argentines only apparently spoken to Serbian news sources? Why aren’t Argentine and major western news providers running the story at all?

    Five short paras, sparse on details, isn’t enough to convince. Let’s see some actual proof.

  2. And the trees moving makes the wind blow…..OH WAIT !!! I just got wind that UFO vampires just kidnapped Bigfoot !!!

  3. It’s out on history channel… proof beyond doubt. FBI has also admitted knowing this… I don’t know who posted this but I know it’s not a hoax.