What are Custom Star Maps and Why is Everyone Buying One?

For millenniums, people have been fascinated by the small twinkling lights seen in the night sky, studying them and dividing the night sky into grids, essentially creating a map known as a star chart or star map. As such, they are used for locating and identifying stars, constellations, galaxies, and much more. Since ancient times they have been present in human navigation, allowing people to travel the world by simply looking at the dark sky.

Today, we do not need star charts to get around anymore, mostly due to the convenience of technology, however, they can become a different kind of special and meaningful to you and to someone you care about.

What Exactly Are They?

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Many enjoy stargazing and there is something special about finding that perfect place in the middle of nowhere, lying down, gazing up, and enjoying the breathtaking view above. But have you ever wondered what the night sky would have looked like on a specific date in the past from a specific location? Do you ever wonder what it would look like in the future?

This is exactly what these custom maps allow you to do. All you need is to choose a past, present, or future date and a location that can be anywhere in the world. They will show stars and constellations on any given night enabling you or a loved one to keep that special moment for a very long time.

Are They Accurate?

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Many companies such as Twinkle in Time take great care into ensuring the accuracy of their star maps by using the latest technology, precise algorithms, and astrological and constellation data from the most reputable resources such as the International Astronomy Union, NASA Astronomical Data Center, the Pan-Andromeda Archaeological Survey, and many more.

Why Buy One?

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They make great, unique, and meaningful gifts, especially if it’s a present for a major life event and most businesses offer one’s printed with the best technology on the highest quality paper. The best thing about them is that they can be completely personalized and you will have total control of how the map looks.

Besides the obvious of choosing your desired date and location, you can also pick the style, color, and whether or not you would like your design to feature a grid and constellations. You can also add a special message or quote and of course, choose a frame.

What Occasions Are They Suitable For?

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They are extremely versatile and can easily fit in with any type of home décor, meaning they are a perfect choice for almost any occasion. It might make a great gift for couple anniversaries, making your beloved feel special by choosing a date and location of where you first met, became a couple, shared your first kiss, got engaged or married.

They are also great for commemorating birthdays, the birth of a child, graduations, retirements, even the start of a new business. In short, it is perfect for celebrating the happiest, most meaningful occasions of one’s life and will surely be adored by anyone who receives it.


These maps are customized for each individual, making them unique, personal, and deep. They will serve as a constant reminder of the most beautiful moments in life and will surely make that special someone feel important, exceptional, and loved.