Where Is The Best Place to Teach English as a Foreign Language? – 2024 Guide

“Rather than stick a pin in the map, it always pays to do your homework even if the world literally is, your oyster” Jamie, a representative of leading TEFL Course provider TheTEFLAcademy.com explains.  You may be driven by a strong desire to visit one particular country but what if you just like the idea of traveling and teaching, where should you choose to go?

If you really are spoiled for choice then read through our handy hints which will help focus your mind and guide you towards identifying the best destination for you.

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  • Do you want to feel that you can communicate in English if necessary?  If that is important to you then consider the Americas, Australia, and New Zealand.  You might think of these nations as already speaking English but learning the language is about a lot more than just vocabulary
  • There are other nations where English is an established second language but equally, there are some countries where English is barely spoken at all.  That might make you feel very vulnerable or, it could be the most exciting adventure in the world to head for somewhere remote and different
  • Urban or rural?  Is scenery and wildlife top of your agenda or do you want the city vibe?  Many people say that touring Paris gives you no great indicator of what France and the French are really like in the same way that London is probably not representative of the UK.  So perhaps consider working in a provincial city to really get a feel of the place
  • Are earnings your first concern?  Do you want to focus on a destination for salary or maybe go for a compromise, work in a more mainstream location to find your feet and earn well before heading off somewhere more remote on your bucket list
  • If you are new to TEFL and/or not an experienced traveler, then it can be wise to take your first job in a European location or a country you are familiar with before you disappear off into the wilds
  • Research your chosen location thoroughly.  Ask your college or TEFL training center for the names of anyone who has taught English in the location you are aiming for
  • Once you have looked at the TEFL aspects, do your homework in more general terms about the experience of living and working in this country – try and avoid the tourist reports if possible, they can be helpful vis-a-vis weather and things like that but they are generally geared towards holiday resorts and may not really cover the type of information you need
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If you really can’t decide on one country, why not split your travel between several destinations and teach your way around the world.  Don’t just focus on the teaching aspect when making your decision. Remember to research more generally about the climate, economy, and safety of your top destinations.