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Former NBA star Dragan Milicic expressed support for Vojislav Seselj

Published: at 2:46 pm
Modified: Nov 2, 2013 at 2:46 pm
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Darko Milicic, former NBA basketball player, attended a meeting held by Serbian Radical Party in Novi Sad, where he expressed his support for The Hague indictee Vojislav Seselj.

Screenshot YouTube video @Srpski Radikal

Screenshot YouTube video
@Srpski Radikal

“What hurts me is that we Serbs, in our Serbia, cannot behave as Serbs. That is a problem. The man has been in The Hague for ten years, and we can’t say his name here in Serbia. Our neighbours, with whom we had issues, welcome their ICTY indictees¬†as heroes, they have billboards,” said Milicic.

“Here in Serbia, we mention Seselj and get arrested. A lot of my friends ask me if I believe it was smart to come to the meeting of Radicals. And I said that I have never in my life though about whether something is smart, but I have always done as my heart told me to. From what I have seen on the TV about Seselj’s trial, I can only congratulate Vojislav on his posture and I hope we will see him here soon. Kosovo is Serbia. Cheers!” he added.


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