6 Packaging Tips for Beginners 2024

Packaging is one of the design strategies that is gaining increasing strength among the marketing and advertising strategies of a brand. However, for a good idea to meet all the necessary requirements and be memorable for the consumer, you have to follow and meet certain needs of use and taste. The originality and distinctive outlines that are remembered are some of the most important aspects of it. It’s also pretty easy to understand why – there are hundreds of products and they all compete for consumer attention. The only way to stand out is to be different and authentic. Therefore, if you’re a beginner, this should be a truly helpful article for you and teach you some valuable lessons.

So, if you are ready to start creating your own beautiful concepts and turn them into reality, don’t stop reading – you’re in the right place.

1. Think carefully about the full concept

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Well, this is the first and the major point. You should think about what you want to achieve with your box concept. Each and every manufacturer wants it to be captivating, interesting and embellishing. This is why you should customize it with a striking outline that your customers will gladly keep sharing on the social networks. Why? Because those are the biggest bases of people who might be interested in what you’re offering. Seeing a lovely package will tickle their fancy and make them wish they received one of these right away.

So yes, that’s right – we live in a time when people share everything: breakfast, their hobbies and without a doubt, their purchases. A beautiful box with your brand that makes you want to take a picture with the products can help to make your company known. And even in cases you don’t feel like doing it yourself, you can always rely on professional help. (You can easily find out more if you visit here.)

2. Choose the best software

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After making your own concept, the next step is to ensure you have all the tools you need. One of them is an appropriate program or application that will let you create the template. The creation process is maybe one of the most creative parts of the whole idea – it will let you brainstorm and use your imagination. Therefore, you must be sure that the tool you will be using has all the features you need in order to perform it successfully.

Today there are many of them in the market – try to inform in the best possible way (and thoroughly) about the available options, their prices (if you need to buy them) and the main features. There’s always a possibility to ask someone with more experience to assist you with this, as they might know better and give you a useful piece of advice.

3. Create a dieline

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Have you ever heard of dieline? Well, if you didn’t, prepare to find out more about it, as this is an unavoidable step. In order to be able to make your box or any other kind of super cool package you’ve been thinking about, you need to make a drawing of what it should look like in flat state.

We could say that this can be called the scheme by which we’ll know how to shape our box once we print it. There will be lines on the places where it should be folded – just like those super handy boxes we can get in stationery or box stores that we can put together by ourselves.

4. Choose the right material

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A true variety of materials will be available to you: metal, different types of plastic, cardboard, papers. So, how are you supposed to know which ones are optimal?

It’s very easy – think about the type of product you’ll put in. Also, consider the conservation and protection against bumps and falls. This must be taken into account especially when packing food products. Also, packaging trends mark the use of natural or ecological materials such as craft paper bags, recycled cardboard containers, cork, etc. In fact, we see more and more companies returning to these values, so you can also think about it too, in case you want to denote exclusivity and quality and also help the environment.

5. Learn to personalize your packaging

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Remind your customers that businesses are made up of flesh and blood people is one of the best things to do to gain trust. And yes, you can easily do this using the wrapping of your product or brand. If you have time or a little bit of calligraphy talent, handwritten note inside your box will help you delight your clients.

Buying online can be quite impersonal, so it never hurts to remind your customers that you have a real business with real people who work hard to make the perfect order. There’s a wide variety of online stationery products companies that can help you write a sweet thank you note related to your brand. If you don’t have time to write a personalized message, you can always print a couple of nice stickers and paste them to the boxes.

6. Prepare for printing

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Once you have considered all other key details, it’s time to also consider the best printing options. The amount of money that you’ll need to put aside for this mostly depends on parameters like the materials that will be used, the amount of time it takes, and of course, the quality of the service provided.

Here you can use a quick tip – make sure that you already have a couple of formats of your idea saved. The printing service works best with .pdf format, however, you never know – they might need other formats like doc. or some other options, so just make sure you have them ready.

This is also the final step of the creation – the moment when your idea gets its shape and becomes a real thing. The only thing left to do after you receive a ready-to-go box is to fill it with your products and with lots of love and send it to the ones that expect it.

And… that’s basically the major part of your designing job. You should always have in mind that you’re the one who controls the customer experience and takes care of their own business. With the proper wrapping outline and some fresh ideas, this could turn into a lovely, creative and rather interesting experience. Start today, without any worries, and with all super cool ideas you’ve been thinking about for such a long time!