Arriving in Serbia by Bicycle – 2024 Guide

The section of the Danube Bike Trail (DBT) through Serbia bears the designation EuroVelo-Route 6 which means that it lies on the European Cyclists’ Federation (ECF) Atlantic – Black Sea route.

The signpost system on the DBT in Serbia is unique in its conception and design compared to the systems in other Danube countries and in some respects it is unique in Europe. The signpost system in Serbia and the Cartography Huber printed map correspond to and complement one another. It is thanks to this that Serbia is attaining to the standards of cycle tourism in Danube countries such as Germany and Austria.

The cycling signposts in Serbia are part of the Donauradweg project which was launched by the GTZ (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Technische Zusammenarbeit – German Association for Technical Cooperation) and aims to providing cyclists following the Danube all the information they require. Besides printed maps, there are comprehensive guides on the Donauradweg – Danube Bike Trail (in English and German) and Ciklonaut (in Serbian) websites on cycling the Danube from Budapest to its mouth in the Black Sea.

DBT signposts in Serbia:

  • marked length: main route 668 km, alternative routes and detours around 370 km – a total of around 1040 km
  • numbered junctions: around 460
  • number of signposts: around 950

Every junction in Serbia, from the Hungarian border at Bački Breg to the Bulgarian border at Negotin, has a unique identification number. This number is found on both the printed map and the signpost at the junction. By comparing the numbers on the signposts with those on the map, it is easy for the cyclist to determine his or her location. A system of overall and immediate objectives is used for marking distances: The upper section of the signpost displays the distance to the main goal on the route ahead, while the lower section displays the distance to the next place (or nearest feature) on the route.

On the DBT in Serbia there are three categories of route:

  • Main route – the most beautiful and peaceful, but also includes unpaved and packed earth stretches along river embankments
  • Alternative routes – always on paved roads, a way to avoid unpaved stretches on the main route
  • Detours – recommended for those who have the time and inclination to stray from the Danube

The info-field on the signposts varies in colour depending on the category and corresponds to the coloured lines on the printed map. The info-fields contain some apt thoughts on cycling and sayings about travel, research and discovery.

Besides large information signs in Serbian and English at 10 border crossings along the Danube, there are also signs in Novi Sad (on the quay at Petrovaradin Most bridge), in Belgrade (by the Jugoslavija hotel and the Sava Passenger Dock) and in Veliko Gradište (the dock), as well as by the entrance to Donji Milanovac.


  • Donauradweg –
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  • EuroVelo 6 –
  • European Cyclists’ Federation –

Cycling Federation of Serbia
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International Cycling Race Tour de Serbie
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