Arriving in Serbia by Coach – 2024 Guide

Serbia stands at the crossroads of Eastern and Western Europe, its routes leading via the Morava-Vardar and Nišava-Marica valleys to the Aegean coast, to Asia Minor and to the Middle East. Regular coach lines connect Serbia to all neighbouring Balkan countries and the majority of Central and Western European countries. There is also a well-developed … Read more

Arriving in Serbia by Bicycle – 2024 Guide

The section of the Danube Bike Trail (DBT) through Serbia bears the designation EuroVelo-Route 6 which means that it lies on the European Cyclists’ Federation (ECF) Atlantic – Black Sea route. The signpost system on the DBT in Serbia is unique in its conception and design compared to the systems in other Danube countries and … Read more

Arriving in Serbia by Train – 2024 Guide

Serbia is situated on Pan-European Transport Corridor 10, meaning that there is a well-developed rail network with many international daytime and overnight trains connecting Serbia with all parts of Europe. Serbian Railways recognises the following discount schemes: InterRail, EuroDomino, Rail Plus, Balkan Flexipass, Easy Travel Card, Euro<26, City Star, ISIC and the Uniform Balkan Tariff. … Read more

Serbia Music Festivals

Some of the most popular, amazing and the biggest music festivals are held in Serbia. Serbia is a great host for the best award-winning festivals, that gather youngsters from all over to the world. The young people can see and hear their favorite musicians at a small ticket price but they will get the best … Read more

Flights to Serbia

There are two commercial airports in Serbia, one in Belgrade, the Nikola Tesla Airport, and another one in Nis, the Constantine the Great Airport. The Nikola Tesla Airport is one of the biggest on Balkan peninsula, with more than a 5,5 million passengers in 2018. Serbia is one of the most attractive countries in southeastern … Read more