Basic Accessories For 2024 Festive Season

2024 is already underway and the holiday season is over. However, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t prepare for the next year. While you can still remember it, make sure to use the ideas you saw at the end of the year for the holidays to come.

There are a large number of holidays and you should be well prepared. Also, it is advisable to financially prepare as you don’t want to spend all your money on gifts. Therefore, make sure to check out for Amazon UAE Coupon Codes will allow you discounts.

IoT enabled Air Cooler

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IoT is the future we are looking at, and the year-end should start with you looking ahead. An IoT enabled Air Cooler won’t just save you from the toxic air in your room, but will also help you stay fit (if that’s still on your new year’s resolution). The cooler works both ways, but it keeps your room temperature at bay without you having to intervene manually.

Fashion Accessories

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Fast fashion has plagued the lanes of modern society. The “in” factor for most fashion accessories are limited to time. Alternatively, it has also given these brands a choice to clear out their stock. So, this calls for an end of the year fashion haul. You can look for sales happening all around, retail or otherwise. Be ready to add your favorite clothing apparel, eyewear, footwear and everything that you can think of. And, don’t forget to add Amazon UAE Coupon Codes to add discounts unless you want to burn a hole through your wallet.


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AirPods are as convenient as they seem to be. While a part of you still likes to feel tethered to your phone, it’s time for you to untether and feel the real power of wireless gadgets like AirPods. From auto-balancing ambient noise and automatically playing/stopping music, AirPods carries the quintessence of technological innovation. If you are also big on Audio Books and Music, then this one would need to be on your list.

Home Gym Equipment

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Yes, this might seem like a treacherous attempt of convincing you to stay fit. Well, it rightfully is. If your coming year resolves to keep fit and healthy, then some gym equipment can fast track that process. It can be a treadmill or a set of dumbbells, buy what fits into your exercise set.

Hair Accessories

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Quite often during these festive times, we do not have enough time to go shopping for clothes or the right accessories to prepare before the event. If you do not have time for such a thing then you definitely do not have to go the hair salon to get your hair down. Calling your hairstylist, scheduling the right time and the styling process can take well over 2 hours and that’s the time that you simply cannot afford.

So, why not invest in some accessories that you can add to your hair to give it a bit of life. Some quirky headbands or attachments or maybe even some bling to give yourself that sparkle you long for.

Get some earrings

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Another simple way of creating a bold look without having to go through a lot of hassle can be done just by adding a pair of earrings. Although, we recommend that you avoid getting long and heavy ones as they can often get into your way. It is also a lot more complicated to combine it with your hairstyle or your outfit, so definitely go with sometime single. A small stone or small hoops is more than enough to give you an unforgettable look.

Avoid stiletto heels

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It is quite common that during this season the roads can be filled with snow or they could be slippery because of ice which means that you should definitely avoid wearing stiletto heels. Not only are they dangerous during this time, but you simply cannot keep your feet and toes warm while you are out and about.

This is why we recommend that you consider getting a pair of block heels because they have a much better grip on slippery surfaces and you can wear them with a thick pair of socks that won’t be noticeable. You will look fashionable while staying warm. What more can you ask for?


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You cannot go on a night out partying with a regular-sized handbag. You simply can’t carry a bag filled with a bunch of stuff on the dance floor. It will be annoying and heavy to hold it the entire time, you could also risk losing your stuff, so you have to constantly keep a watch on it.

However, there is always a solution to problems when it comes to fashion. You will need something that will fit everything you need such as your phone, your wallet, a bit of “just in case” makeup and a bunch of other things that you choose to bring with yourself. So, what should you get? Well, you should get a hands free handbag that will have a strap long enough so it does not get into your way while you are out there on the dance floor.

Make sure it is small enough and light enough and that it will match all of your outfits that you will be wearing during the festive season.

Rings and necklaces

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How can one go through the festive season without looking like a Christmas tree at least once? You should prepare yourself with a bunch of jewelry. A necklace will be more than enough to pull all the attention to you. You could also consider getting three or four silver or gold rings that you could wear on just one hand. Wearing several rings at once goes great with any outfit you have in your wardrobe for this season.