Should You Buy New Or Used Solar Panels – 2024 Guide

With the raised awareness related to ecology and finding new and better methods for creating electricity and pay attention to the environment, the installation of solar panels is one of the most popular choices. The main advantage of using solar energy is that there is zero emission when you are using this method to provide your home with electricity. Another benefit is that you can save a lot of money by implementing this system in your house. Your energy bills can be cut by half or even more, depending on the size and quality of solar panels.

In that matter, it is crucial to hire a reliable company, such as Sunvival Energy, that will deal with these upgrades properly. In some cases, solar panels can save you 90% on energy bills. Also, high-quality equipment can serve you for over 30 years. On the other side, you should learn about other factors that might affect the efficiency of your panels, such as the cost of electricity in your country, the price of the equipment, methods of financing, and the area where you are living. For example, if you are living in some northern country, the lack of sun and bad weather condition will significantly reduce the efficiency of solar panels.

Furthermore, there is a great discussion related to whether people should only buy new panels or used ones, and is there any difference related to efficiency. Again, various factors might affect your choice, and you should learn more about them.  We are going to analyze this topic more in the following article and introduce you with important factors that determines the right solution.

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Make a Choice According to Your Budget

First of all, you have to know that the average price of solar panels is around $20,000. Therefore, you will need a calculation of whether this investment is good for your money management or not, especially if you need a loan. ON the other side, many countries are trying to motivate people to choose this option by providing them with some benefits like smaller taxes, better credit ratings, and more.


The main issue with used equipment is that it might less capabilities have. Therefore, saving a few thousand on a used one might lead to bigger expenses over time in case it is not able to provide you with the same capacity as a new one. The best way to avoid this mistake is to learn more about various parts and features, and how to test them. Also, you can ask the supplier of used devices for some guarantees as well, and if they refuse, maybe the best solution is to avoid buying that panel.

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Search the Out-Dated Models

The main advantage of buying used products is that you can save a lot of money. However, there is always a risk that those products are not reliable enough. Therefore, you might consider researching the market a little more and see if there are some older models that companies are now selling for cheaper prices. The benefit is that you will get a new device along with a full warranty.

Commercial Solar Farms

If you are interested in used solar panels, maybe the best solution that will provide you with both quality and a cheaper price is to look for some commercial solar farm in your area. The reason for that is that these companies are replacing parts more often, which means that there is a high chance that they are upgrading the farm while replaced devices are still fully functional.

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Calculate the Capacity

One of the main factors that will help you to determine whether you should buy new or used solar panels is related to their capacity and efficiency. If you live in a country where electric power is expensive, this choice will get even more important. Therefore, you will have to compare the power capacity, battery sizes, and many other features to check if saving some money indeed is a good solution. In case that a new device can save you much more, you should avoid using solar panels.

Panels are Losing Efficiency Over Time

Proper maintenance is very important, but even with that, the capacity of most solar panels will reduce over time. However, you can always replace some parts to make it work as new again. That leads to the fact that you will have to deal with a lot of calculations and analyses to determine the best option. If there are services in your area where you can get spare parts or hire experts to maintain the equipment on your roof, then buying a used one can be a great solution.

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As you can see, many factors can affect your decision, and it is important to make the right choice, especially if your main focus is on saving money. Buying new products is always easier because there are much lower risks that you won’t get satisfied, and even if you are not, you can use the warranty or the return option. However, saving money is the main reason for families to become interested in solar heating. Therefore, managing to find a cheap device instead of spending a fortune is essential to them.

You can lower the risks when you are choosing the used platforms by learning more about the main features, process, repair methods, costs of spare parts, and capacity. Also, we have to mention that you should avoid trying to make this equipment by yourself. There are many tutorials available where we can see people who managed to create DIY models, but in most cases, these panels are not effective at all. On the other side, when you are checking ads for used equipment, you should learn the main features to become able to distinguish between reliable and poor-quality products.

In the end, the conclusion is that buying a new product is always the best solution. On the other hand, a used one will save you a lot of money, but it brings some risks as well. Therefore, choose the used ones only in case your budget doesn’t allow you the most recent new models.