CBD Treatment: Can CBD Oil Help Ease My Skin Conditions?

With so many products on the market pumped full of unknown chemicals, picking the right skin remedies can be difficult. Have a quick search for skin products now and you’ll be bombarded with supposedly miraculous results. The chemicals in most of these products are unnatural, damaging and sometimes downright harmful. So what’s the answer? For us, it’s CBD oil. This entirely natural substance, taken directly from the hemp plant, contains unique healing properties and can seriously improve skin irritation. To give you a rundown, we’ve got together a list of some of the skin conditions CBD oil can help ease.

Cold sore

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Like all skin conditions, cold sores are irritating, uncomfortable and can deeply hurt our self-esteem. Taking advantage of this self-esteem reduction, many healthcare businesses have pounced on the condition with useless, chemical products and bold claims. CBD oil is entirely organic and has the ability to get rid of those sores for good with powerful anti-viral properties. While it may not completely eliminate cold sores, the overriding soothing effects of the oil are priceless.

Irritated skin

If moisturizer isn’t doing the job for itchy skin, it might be time to step up your treatment. Itchy skin can quickly go from bad to worse if it isn’t treated in the right way. While we must stress that you should never stop moisturizing, CBD oil has the required properties to ease much of the irritation you might be trying to deal with. CBD oil promotes the healing process in your skin cells and slows down the production of oil, leaving your skin feeling much less dry. As with all of these points, hydration is at the heart of great skin development and CBD oil is undoubtedly the solution.


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A teenager’s nightmare – acne can still affect many people deep into adulthood. Acne can seriously affect how we see ourselves. It’s well documented how many people struggle with the crushing physical and mental toll of the condition. Many of the so-called ‘solutions’ can scar your skin and cause permanent damage. While it may not be the perfect cure, CBD oil’s anti-inflammatory properties target acne without damaging the cells in your skin. Keeping the pain down is half the problem – with consistent use, you’ll be surprised just how effective CBD oil can be in the battle against bad skin.


Psoriasis might be slightly rarer than many of the other conditions on this list, but it can be just as frustrating. Sufferers can be left with deep scarring and permanently irritated skin that can seriously damage physical and mental health. The more people wake up to the incredible benefits of CBD oil, the more people have decided to use it as treatment. The oil is fantastic for slowing down the processes of cell multiplication, which can ease a lot of the damage and irritation from the condition. We would recommend discussing the use of CBD oil with your doctor as an appropriate medicine – there are no harmful side effects, and the benefits are endless.

Seborrheic Dermatitis

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When too much sebum is secreted from your skin’s glands, the price you may have to pay is a scary sounding condition called seborrheic dermatitis. Common symptoms are itchy, red skin that tends to easily create flakes. How does CBD oil come into this? The natural oil is fantastic for reducing the secretion of sebum in your skin without any of those nasty side effects.


One of the more common skin conditions in the world today; eczema is also one of the hardest to deal with. The condition affects everyone, from children to adults, and can be deeply uncomfortable and distracting. With the disheartening failure of chemical products currently on the market, many people are now rightfully turning their heads towards the natural elements of CBD oil. It has been proven by numerous studies that the effects of eczema were greatly reduced by the hydrating qualities of CBD oil. If you’ve been struggling with eczema your whole life, CBD oil may be your saving grace.


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We’ll end on a slightly lighter note. While we all get old (there’s no denying that), there are ways to slow down the process. Once again, it isn’t a surprise that companies have jumped on our insecurities to sell products filled to the brim with unnatural chemicals. We strongly believe that plastic surgery and other methods of anti-aging are unnatural, harmful, and ultimately damaging. You’ve probably guessed our solution already – CBD oil. With powerful hydration abilities, regular application of CBD oil can help slow down the production of wrinkles.

At the end of the day, everybody is likely to struggle with a skin condition once in their lives. Our skin is naturally sensitive and needs regular routine maintenance to keep things in tip-top shape. This doesn’t only benefit our physical health but generates a truly positive state of mind. We would suggest incorporating CBD oil into your daily routine (just like brushing your teeth). Rub your oil onto your skin a few times a day and not only will you reduce the chances of developing skin conditions, but your skin will start to glow.

As mentioned previously, we can’t stress enough just how important staying away from treatments filled to the brim with unnatural chemicals is. The side effects can be disastrous and actually do more harm in the long run. CBD oil is entirely organic and has been used as a treatment for humans for thousands of years for a reason.

If you’re keen to give it a go, we’d recommend having a look at the brand HighKind. Not only do they have a large variety of choice, but their uncut oils are of the highest quality. Sufferers of many of these conditions will understand the deep trauma than can sometimes arise from damage to your skin. Whether you’re simply worried about your wrinkles, or you need some pain relief from your psoriasis, trust us when we say CBD oil is the all-natural, miracle solution without the side effects.