Cyber Security Essentials for 2024

Cybersecurity is very important for any business or organization that has a footprint on the internet. The internet is a wonderful place where anyone can express themselves and do whatever they like. Many people make their living on the internet and the extreme popularity of it has caused for cybercriminals to also operate in that very same place.
It is because of the rise of the internet and its everyday usage that we must protect ourselves while on it. We protect ourselves and our businesses with cybersecurity.

Cybersecurity is what protects us and our data from cybercriminals. And to utilize it to the maximum, we’re going to give you our essentials for 2024.

1. Keeping Backups

Data is extremely valuable for a company. Data is the thing that most cybercriminals go after when attacking a company, business, or organization. Data can be targeted through ransomware attacks, or it could be lost due to hardware failure. No matter the reason as to why you might your data, its best to keep regular backups. A backup strategy will allow you to restore your systems to the last saved previous version. This can often time be a lifesaver and a strategy that will payout in the long run.

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2. Antivirus Solutions

Viruses and malware are being created every single day. Some take the form of Trojan horses that are potentially devastating for your computer, and the best way to protect your business is to deploy a reliable and strong antivirus solution. According to Blue Hat Cyber, a strong and reliable antivirus solution can be the difference maker in protecting yourself from malware.

3. Two Factors Authentication

A relatively new concept of protection is the two-factor authentication, commonly known as 2FA. 2FA is a new layer of security onto your account that protects you when someone else tries to log in to one of your systems or accounts. It’s begging to gain a lot of attention and it is commonly used with online banking apps, social media accounts, Gmail, etc. 2FA works in a way that every time you try to log in to your account by entering your username and password, you must enter a six-digit code from your Authentication app. A 2FA significantly reduces your business chances of getting hacked or gaining access to your private information.

4. Guest Wi-Fi Network

When at work you must be getting constantly asked about the Wi-Fi password from other people that are not part of your company. Your Wi-Fi can be a gateway for hackers to infiltrate your systems, as they will most certainly be connected to the same network. It is precisely why we suggest you create a guest Wi-Fi network that will serve the purpose of protecting your data from being stolen. This type of network limits other people from accessing your main network and it reduces the spread of malware from guest devices onto your systems.

5. Passwords

With so many services out there, that require us to create an account, it can be hard to remember all the passwords for each one. This is the most common reason as to why people generate passwords like “password123”, “123456789”, or
“pa55s0rd”. Well, these passwords are very poor in strengths and are easy to break. For the purpose of this not happening, we suggest you always write down your passwords in a notebook and carry it with you at all times.