It’s Time to Take a Break From Famous Destinations: Get to Know the Balkans

Summer has started unofficially, and as the temperature rises, so does the number of photos of popular destinations that have flooded social networks. Santorini, the lovely places of the Cinque Terre, lavender fields in Provence, or especially popular Dalmatia attract all travelers who follow the trends.

However, there may be better solutions for the summer. Before the corona, Dubrovnik was so crowded with tourists, that it has the same problems as Venice and Barcelona – simply too many tourists and the inability of everyone who comes to really see everything they should. These cities were thinking about how to reduce the number of visitors in the season. Okay, the pandemic has done its thing, but as life returns to normal, so will tourists return to well-known places. It became difficult to experience Dubrovnik in its full glory and enjoy your vacation. Thanks to the Game of Thrones series and its fans, more and more people are coming there. The experience of visiting the Old Town has become anything but a relaxing holiday.

In the surrounding countries in the Balkans, the situation is completely opposite: equally beautiful and untouched nature, fascinating history, and culture – and no crowds. Visiting some of the Balkan countries during the tourist season could be a real pleasure and vacation, whether you are into nature, hiking, eating, playing in land-based casinos (not just online through casinos found on, taking photos for your collection, etc.

Best For a Family Vacation – Bled, Slovenia

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While it is very hot in the summer in most nearby countries, temperatures in Slovenia are pleasant due to the mountains and lakes. The walk is the best way to start a day in Bled. The view of the island and the lake changes and offers new magic from every place. Ducks, swans, Karavanke in the hinterland, boats on the lake… looks like a backdrop from a fairy tale.

Bled Castle, which dates from the 10th century, is the best place to look at the lake and you should not miss it. Rides with boats that are locally called Pletna are one of the most beautiful experiences on the lake, and there are rowing boats for the stronger ones.

There are many wonderful places you must see around Bled. Spend the day on Lake Bohinj or explore Slovenian forests and parks. Enjoy the summer beauty and pleasant temperature in the mountains. In one of the beautiful Bled hotels and a wide range of private accommodation, you will find something for everyone’s taste.

For those who enjoy an active vacation, the possibilities are endless, and if you just want to relax, you are also in the right place. And last but not least – don’t forget that, in addition to enjoying the diverse rich gastronomic offer, try the famous Bled cremeschnitte.

The Best For a Road Trip – Durmitor National Park in Montenegro

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Montenegro is a small country of beautiful nature, coast, and national parks. It is best to go around the country by car, but be careful. The landscapes you will see traveling along the winding narrow roads are magical and unforgettable. The journey may be best started in Dubrovnik and continued through the Bay of Kotor. Wherever you stop on the way to Durmitor you will not regret it. Beautiful beaches, small towns on the coast, nature, and rich history guarantee the pleasure of a vacation.

Durmitor National Park is the largest of the five national parks in Montenegro. Durmitor is located in the northern part of the country. The border with Bosnia and Herzegovina runs partly along the border of the park. Since 2005, the entire park has been included in the UNESCO list of protected cultural heritage. Since 1977, only the canyon of the river Tara has been included in the list.

The enchanting views of the highest mountain of the Dinaric Alps are the reason why many visitors come to Durmitor again to seek peace or a dose of adrenaline, and mostly a combination of that. It will provide you with so much, without having to spend as much as you would spend in the more famous European mountain destinations where you will forget the reason why you came in the first place due to many tourists.

The Best For Mountaineering Lovers – The Mountains of Albania

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Nature here is still beautiful and untouched, the coast is largely undeveloped, and the people are kind and cordial. The food is excellent, be it seafood or barbecue, and the prices are affordable. If you want to experience something new this summer, definitely visit Albania.

The land is called Shqipëria by its inhabitants, which in translation means the land of eagles. The eagle also found its place there on the state flag. And eagles nest high. So it is a mountainous country. And the mountains and the roads between them attract every true nature lover. Albania, like many countries in the Balkans, has changed a lot, but it still has the necessary dose of exoticism.

For Lovers of Culture and History – Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina

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Nobel laureate Ivo Andrić wrote: “When a person spends the night in Mostar, it is not the sound that wakes him up in the morning, but the light”. In the summer days, the city has a different glow, it is the right place to relax and learn about the culture and history of this area. What surprises most is the diversity that greets you in this city, the remnants of the ugly that the war brought, and mixing all the influences that have conquered the city. The city itself, as well as the narrower and wider surroundings, is rich in history.

This is a city better known to tourists than to many Balkan citizens, regardless of the country of ex-Yugoslavia they come from. Old Bridge (which was even older before being torn down in the war, as it was there since the 16th century) is a sight known from many photographs. What attracts people to Mostar is also the autochthonous gastronomic offer. Be sure to visit the nearby Blagaj Tekke and Kravica Falls. Mostar has a specific and rarely pleasant Mediterranean climate. It is only 60 km away from the Adriatic Sea.

As we said in the title – it is time to take a break from famous destinations and get to know the Balkans…