Former NBA Star Darko Milicic Expressed Support For Vojislav Seselj

Darko Milicic, the former NBA basketball player, attended a meeting held by Serbian Radical Party in Novi Sad, where he expressed his support for The Hague indictee Vojislav Seselj.

“What hurts me is that we Serbs, in our Serbia, cannot behave as Serbs. That is a problem. The man has been in The Hague for ten years, and we can’t say his name here in Serbia. Our neighbors, with whom we had issues, welcome their ICTY indictees as heroes, they have billboards,” said Milicic.

“Here in Serbia, we mention Seselj and get arrested. A lot of my friends ask me if I believe it was smart to come to the meeting of Radicals. And I said that I have never in my life thought about whether something is smart, but I have always done as my heart told me to. From what I have seen on the TV about Seselj’s trial, I can only congratulate Vojislav on his posture and I hope we will see him here soon. Kosovo is Serbia. Cheers!” he added.