Is Gelonade Strain Indica or Sativa? – 2024 Guide

Gelonade is a hybrid strain of weed that comes in the 70/30 proportion of Indica and Sativa traits. Generally, it is Sativa dominant cannabis, a combination of Gelato and Lemon Tree strains. It is popular because of its fantastic taste and aroma.

Its earthy fragrance combines vanilla and orange when you exhale it. Gelonade strain can keep you high, happy, and energetic. THC concentration is 18 to 22%, which is perfect for stoners. Before you buy a grenade strain, you must know how it is Sativa-dominant and other details about it.

Sativa-dominant Gelonade Strain


It is a 70/30 strain with more Sativa than Indica. It tastes excellent and intense, which is perfect for regular smokers. High THC levels can make a person high with a happy mood and energetic body. It appears as a short plant with thick-sprouted nuggets.

There is a coating of crystal trichomes with a purple tint and orange hair. This strain is easy to grow as it takes around eight to nine weeks. The smell of the flowering plant is quite sweet, like vanilla, and sour, like citrus. Its aroma and taste are enjoyable and pleasurable.

Strain Growth and Its Characteristics

The bud of this cannabis strain is about 30-60 inches. You can cultivate the small plant outdoors or indoors. You can buy the seed and cultivate it yourself. It is easy to identify the green minty flavored nuggets.

Due to the presence of terpenes, this strain produces a flowery smell like vanilla and citrus at the same time. The strain tastes like a lemon cookie, i.e., sweet and sour if you consume it.

Its Medical Uses

When anyone exhales this strain, his body becomes warm in a few minutes, making him high. Once you smoke, you will feel happy, and your mood will get lifted. Your body will feel more energetic. It is consumed because of its medical benefits.

Anyone suffering from stress or mental disorder like anxiety or depression must use this strain. If your body is experiencing chronic pain or fatigue, it can be the best medicine to treat you in minutes. But it is necessary to consume it in small quantities. The THC level in this strain is too high; hence, an overdose can be dangerous for your health.

Adverse Effects


If you consume this strain for the first time, your body can react adversely. You may experience excess hunger, sleep issues, thirsty feelings, etc. In some cases, you can experience a tingling effect on your body. But these issues are not permanent; hence, they will go away after some time. Therefore, you must not panic about it.

The Bottom Line

Gelonade is a hybrid Sativa-dominant strain of weed with more traits of Sativa than Indica. It is widely popular because of its fantastic taste, flavor, aroma, and medical benefits. You can grow this plant with its seed by yourself.

But its THC levels are high and must be consumed in a minimal quantity. It is okay to experience its adverse effects that will vanish after some time. But in severe cases, you must avoid it.