Influence of Tamil Music on the Serbian Pop Scene

The Serbian pop scene and music has been influenced by music from various cultures including Greek, Latino, and Turkish music. Since Turkish TV shows became increasingly popular in Serbia, you can notice various things about the influences of Tamil music on the Serbian pop culture such as the rhythm, lyrics, and sounds of the music. In this article, you will be able to read about the influence of Tamil music on the Serbian pop scene. Let’s take a closer look:

1. It Gave Serbian Music Depth

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The influences of Tamil music on Serbian music has been seen in it giving depth to Serbian songs. In order for you to understand certain Serbian songs, you will need to figure out what the meanings of the songs are, you will need some patience, space for a lot of appreciation, and of course, enjoying the instruments used in the song. Hence, Tamil music most certainly gave a bit of inspiration and soul to the Serbian music and lyrics.

2. You can experience the Tamil culture through Serbian Songs

As you already know, India is a country that has various traditions and it is easy to say that for most countries it might be different from what people celebrate, however, Serbian and Turkish traditions have a lot of similarities, hence, it is natural that Tamil music had an influence on the Serbian pop culture. Both Indian and Serbian people consider music to be a big part of their culture, hence, you can hear various instruments used in Tamil music used in Serbian music. One of the most interesting things to see is how both Serbian and Indian people enjoy music in the same way.

3. It Influenced Serbian Music Through Tamil Songs

According to experts from masstamilan, Tamil music is famous for having a lot of talented and popular composers. The most famous and acclaimed composer is A.R. Rahman. A.R Rahman is an Indian music director, music producer, and singer and his work famous for implementing Indian classical music with electronic music, traditional orchestral arrangements, and world music. The amazing Serbian DJ Vujo has collaborated with various Serbian artists including Cvija, Rada Manojlović, and Jelena Vučković. He was also featured on a lot of Serbian TV shows including a Serbian talent show “Ja Imam Talenat” and different shows of the Grand Production.

4. Tamil Influenced Serbian Music with its TV Shows and Movies

As you already know, Turkish music is quite popular all around the world, hence, it is natural that it has some influence on Serbia music as well. The soundtracks of Tamil movies always bring something new, charming, and lively. It makes you move and it makes you dance, and that is exactly what Serbian pop music took from Tamil music. New and old Serbian songs will simply make you move and dance, and who knows, if you are in a nightclub, you just might get up and dance to songs that are influenced by Tamil music.


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As you can see, Tamil music influenced Serbian music and pop culture quite a lot. Hence, next time that you are listening to new Serbian pop songs, make sure that you try and notice the similarities between these two musical genres.