The Fastest Ways for Upgrading your World of Warcraft Character

An optimized run to level 20 or above could take between seven and ten hours, but everything after that and you will be looking at a real uphill challenge. The guide below will not detail every single quest since there are hundreds of them, but you will be able to learn what you will need to complete and hit the Level 60 mark. Let’s take a look at the tips:

1. Remember to Always Log Out at Cities and Inns

As you already know, cities and inns are locations for relaxation. They are safe places that are away from wolves and mouthy Murlocs. These will not do any good for people doing a marathon until the end, however, for people who are taking things easy and who are looking for ways to get more experience point, logging out at an inn or city can allow you to gain “rested EXP” while you are away. Rested EXP will double monster kill EXP totaling the amount gained over time, hence, you will get a really nice bonus once you return.


2. Kill Absolutely Everything That you See

Grinding EXP against mobs has been replaced with questing and dungeon farms. In WoW, it is a necessity to bridge the gap between to areas or zones. You can get a headstart by adding quests to monster kills. You should kill every single monster that you come across while traveling one quest to another. It may not look like a lot when it comes in, but that little EXP you gain will build up later on.


3. Grab First Aid As Soon As Possible

Almost every mob in WoW will drop some kind of fabric such as Linen. These can be made into useful triage items like bandages. Bandages are cheap and effective healing items that can reduce downtime between battles. They are not as effective as a meal, but they are a lot cheaper. They are also fast, hence, you can limit the time between pulls or even wrap an injury after stunning your opponent.

4. Hire an Online Gaming Boosting Service

If you do not have time to deal with leveling up or if you simply need that time to do other things, you can hire a game-boosting professional. Basically, you will be paying a professional gamer to access your account and do the leveling up for you. It is quick and efficient, and you will be able to gain various benefits from it. If you want to see which boosting service you can get, click here. For those of you who are looking for a wow power leveling service, Boosthive has an ace in its sleeve.


6. Train Crafting and Gathering Professions While Leveling

Crafting and gathering professions are not only good for making money later on, but they will also help you craft armors and weapons during the leveling. You can learn any two professions at the same time and while crafting might take some time out of the leveling process, the gathering can easily be worked in each of your skills. Most animals you kill can be skinned for hides and leather, and herb nodes and mining will populate your minimap while questing.


By following the tips from the article above, you will be able to jump from level 20 to level 60 in no time. Hence, do not waste any more time and start leveling today!