Online Buying Tips: How to Get The Best Discounts in the Balkan Region – 2024 Guide

With the advent of technology and the emergence of the internet, the way people shop has dramatically changed over the years. Now, online shopping has become the easiest, most convenient and cost-effective way to buy. Just like many countries around the world, online buying has taken over the Balkan region as well, with more and more people buying products from online stores, instead of going to physical ones.

However, online shopping has only become popular there in recent years, and many still do not know about all the benefits it has to offer. Although shopping on the internet is already cheaper, there are ways to save even more money by getting numerous discounts. So, let’s take a look at the benefits and the most effective ways of getting the best discounts online.

The Benefits of Online Shopping

Convenience – Internet stores are available to customers 24/7, meaning that you can shop no matter the day or time, straight from the comfort of your home. It is also great for avoiding crowds and long lines at the cash register, especially during holidays.

More Variety and Control – You can find almost any brand or item on the internet and the choices that you have are amazing. You will have access to products and retailers from all over the world, and cheaper prices and better deals are also available online. You will also avoid buying things you might not need since online, you will not have the store’s entire inventory on sight, meaning you can only buy what you need and want.

How to Get the Best Discounts

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1. Identify the Best Shopping Sites

There are numerous shopping websites, but not all of them are good at providing great discounts. Read reviews to see whether sites offer discounts and if they do, how good they are. Knowing the best places to find them can be extremely beneficial.

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2. Leave Items in Your Cart

Instead of making your purchase immediately, try leaving items in your cart for a day or two. Most retailers hate unsettled deals and would do anything to close them which includes offering decreased prices on products in the cart.

3. Use a Shopping App

There are different shopping apps for different purposes, but certain ones will help you get the best deals for items you want to purchase. Some apps will compare different prices in different stores which is a great way to avoid making blind shopping decisions and it will save you money in the process.

4. Outwit the Dynamic Pricing Trap

Most product prices vary depending on the location, spending patterns, and the demand, meaning they are not standard. Clear cookies, log out of social media accounts and switch to incognito mode to get an unbiased price on a product you are buying.

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How to Save Even More Money

Follow Brands on Social Media – If you are a fan of certain retailers or brands, you should start following them on social media. Information about reduced prices is usually posted there first and some sites such as ONLY4RS.COM even have dedicated pages for deals or discounts. Others offer price reduction when you shop using their smartphone apps instead of buying from their website.

Plan Big Purchases for Seasonal Trends – To make room for new products, online stores will often try to get rid of old items by reducing their price. Shopping for items when they are out of season might be a great way to save money.


You will have a chance to enjoy great savings and get the best deals by following all or at least some of the tips listed above. Make sure to utilize them and have the best possible online shopping experience.