PCOD/ PCOS -The Health Problem

In this ordinary life, women do not eat on time, neither sleep nor take care of their health. In today’s era, the situation of women is more critical because they have to balance both sides of the house. In such a case, women have a high level of stress, and ultimately, they compromise their health.

Sometimes ignoring the body causes a variety of problems, one of which is PCOD / PCOS disease. Women suffering from this problem are at risk of many more diseases. This disease is common in women and girls nowadays. Just a few years ago, this problem was more common in women aged 30-35. These days, this problem has become common even among teenage girls. Now, this is a significant issue of women health. Most of the girls who get the question of periods are faced with the problem of Poly Cystic Ovarian Disease (PCOD). If this problem is detected due to a young age, then it can be controlled.

What is PCOD/PCOS?

PCOD / PCOS i.e. ‘polycystic ovary disorder’ or ‘polycystic ovary syndrome’. In this, the level of the male hormone androgen increases in the woman’s uterus, resulting in cysts in the ovary. Surprisingly, no cause has been known till date for this disease. It is still a matter of research, but physicians believe that this problem arises due to hormonal imbalance, obesity, or stress in women. It is also genetically. Due to excess fat in the body, the number of estrogenic hormone increases, due to which cysts are formed in the ovary. Currently, one in every ten women of childbearing age is falling prey to it. Experts also say that women who live stressful lives are more likely to have polycystic ovarian syndrome.

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Symptoms Of PCOD/PCOS

  • Timely menstruation – Irregular periods are the most significant indication of this at a young age.
  • Sudden weight gain– In this yoga, the body fatness of most women increases.
  • Hirsutism – Unwanted hair growth on the chin can be a symptom of not only hormonal changes but also hair loss, on the body and face, on the chest, on the abdomen, on the back of the thumbs. Hair growth on the toes is also a symptom.
  • Emotional upheaval – Getting passionate about something early, being over-anxious, excessive irritability can be signs of this disease.
  • Infertility– can be caused by this problem, which can be treated with new techniques like in vitro fertilization after this procedure, the egg develops in the womb of the woman in a natural way. PCOD is one of the leading causes of infertility in women.
  • Pimples on the face – Cysts in the ovary can also give spots on the face, neck, arm, chest, thighs, etc. spots, oily face or dandruff. Acne is slow to start, but when it becomes excessive, then instead of trying any home remedies, see a doctor.

Nature Associated With Getting Rid Of PCOD / PCOS

Go for a walk in natural places, which will not only relieve your stress but will also reduce weight, so that menstruation can come at the right time. Exercise keeps your body healthy and also relieves stress. You should spend some time alone with nature so that your mind is calm. With this, you listen to music or read some good books.

Exercise Regularly

Walking, jogging, yoga, Zumba dance, aerobics, cycling, swimming, do any physical activity every day. Along with practice, you can also do meditation, which will work stress.

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Get Proper Hydration

Drinking water is considered s one of the best ways to live healthily. As we already know, our body contains more than 65% of water, and even 1% of the water that we lose can cause dehydration; which can trigger various kind of diseases. But only drinking of water is not enough you should ensure that you are drinking pure and healthy water. There are multiple methods which help you to get the most purified water, but nothing is better than having a water purifier. Get best RO water purifier from the RO Care India and live a disease-free life.

Excellent Catering, Good Health

It is essential to stop eating junk food, sweeter, fat-rich food, excessive oily food, soft drinks, and a properly nutritious diet. Include fruits, green vegetables, vitamin B-rich foods in your diet, grains rich in omega-three fatty acids like flaxseed, fish, walnuts, etc. You must include nuts, seeds, yogurt, fresh fruits, and vegetables in your diet. Drink plenty of water throughout the day. Avoid eating sugary because diabetes can be the cause of this disease. Do not eat any obesity causing substances like white flour, pasta, canned, etc.

Select the right lifestyle

Girls nowadays have become very busy with studies and office work due to which their stress level is increasing, and they are not able to pay attention to their health. Apart from this, late-night parties of the modern generation, in which children consume smoke, alcohol, and other drugs, it is not suitable for their health. Apart from the contemporary age, women are also drinking it in their kitty parties and pub parties. Changing lifestyle is very important to get rid of PCOD / PCOS. Many women ignore it because they do not know about the disease. For this reason, they do not recognize this symptom in their daughters, which may lead to problems in pregnancy. If you see such signs, then consult a gynecologist and get it treated as soon as possible.