11 Pro Makeup Tips for Girls who Wear Glasses 2024

It has been seen that girls who wear glasses are not much into buying makeup products. This is because they think they cannot wear most of the makeup products. Especially when it comes to their eyes, they want to go simple with them. Or even if they wear any makeup products on their eyes, it is hard to be seen under glasses. Such girls find it difficult to even put lashes on as they can cause inconvenience with the glasses.

Similarly, it is really a big deal for the one who merely cannot see without glasses. If you are one of those need not worry about this anymore. In this present article, you will find out answers to many of the questions that may arise in your head. Yet if you do not find the answer to your relevant question in this article you can always visit aaplusreviews to get better answers.

1. Get a Pair of Makeup Reading Glasses for yourself:

img source: glamour.com

If you are a makeup lover but cannot wear it as you cannot see without putting glasses on, then we have got a solution for you. You must get yourself a pair of makeup glasses for the purpose. These glasses have a flipping glass. So if you are wearing makeup on the right eye, you can flip the glass on the left and vice versa. The pair comes with lenses having different numbers on them.

2. Buy Makeup Brushes with really short handles:

If you are out to buy a pack of new makeup brushes for yourself, then go for the ones with short handles. There are companies that manufacture brushes with removable handles. These handles can be removed from the back so the brush becomes shorter in length. A shorter handle will be beneficial for people with glasses. While doing makeup short handles will enable you to get closer to the mirror so you can see clearly.

3. Go for Volumizing Mascara instead of Curling Mascara:

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Going for curling mascara means you are going to have trouble. Curled lashes will, of course, get in touch with the lenses and will hinder your vision. To avoid this problem, you must get volumizing mascara for yourself. It will not only add volume to your lashes but will also make your lashes stand out of the glasses.

4. How to avoid your glasses slip down your nose frequently:

It has been seen very common that people with glasses face slippage very frequently. It can cause a great inconvenience to you as you have to set your glasses again and again. To avoid this thing try putting a little primer on the edge of your nose before applying anything else. You can do this even if you are not applying any foundation on the face. You can also use loose translucent powder for the purpose. Or even makeup setting spray will do the same.

5. Use a Yellow Concealer to deal with the shadow of the lens:

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If you wear glasses you must have noticed a dark shadow under your eyes. This shadow is cast by the lenses of your glasses and looks much similar to dark circles around eyes. To counter deal with this we suggest you apply concealer in the yellow shade under your eyes. This will cover the shadow effect.

6. Use Eyebrow Product Properly:

While wearing glasses do not forget to fill in your eyebrows properly. Wearing glasses does not mean you can ignore your eyebrows. They need the same attention as glasses off. So fill in your brows with whatever product you feel like. Whether use brow pencil, brow shade, or powder for that purpose. This will even enhance your look with glasses.

7. Bigger frames allow more space to play with:

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Whenever you go for buying your glasses you must go for bigger frames. This will allow you to play with the area more easily than the smaller frames. You can do a smokey look or just have a thin liner. Whatever you will do it will look good.

8. Focus on the Lips more:

Wearing glasses means that you have lesser chances to play with your eyes. Instead of focusing your eyes and worrying about them, play with classy bold lip colors. Only doing this will enhance your look altogether. This will also divert the attention of the viewer towards your lips instead of your glasses.

9. Try out Cat Liner as well:

img source: chatelaine.com

Wearing glasses does not mean you cannot wear a cat liner. Of course, you can but follow an appropriate technique. While putting a cat liner on, keep the edge of the liner in line with top corner of your glasses. This will make the flick look more prominent which can be easily seen within the glasses as well.

10. Do not restrict yourself with one color of the liner:

Like other girls without glasses try out different colors of eyeliner as well. Do not restrict yourself to the monotonous color of the liner. Go beyond black. Try out bold and vibrant colors of mascaras and liners on your eyes. This will not only fill your eyes with beauty but will also make you look different as well. You can also fill in the lower lashes with different colors. Not only this but you can also put on lower lashes to enhance the overall look of your eyes. This will make your lashes stand out of the glasses.

11. You go for colored frames as well:

img source: fashioneyeglassworld.com

Putting on the same frame daily makes a dull look. It looks monotonous. Playing with makeup products is always fun. We suggest you try out different frame colors along with different makeup looks. Go in line with your lip color. Try to match your glasses frame with your lip color to get a bold yet a settled look altogether. You can also match your frame with your eyeliner color. This will look great and will go inline as well.

We hope that these pro tips will be of great help to you in a true sense. We recommend you to go beyond your expertise and play with your makeup products as much as you can. This will increase your confidence and allow you to try out different looks even with wearing glasses.