Top 5 Reasons to Buy TCL 10 Pro in 2024

There are so many smartphones available in the market, and some of them are available from the biggest giants. The smartphone business is one of the most profitable ones with changes being the only constant move. It is really important to learn more about the models before you invest some bucks on it as there are various ranges available for each one. Some brands like Apple or Samsung will present you with some of the top-notch models, but the ranges are really hard to match with. These models are pretty expensive, which makes them the only choice for the elite. That’s when the TCL Pro model came into being.

If you are looking for a mid-ranging smartphone with all the necessary features in-built with it, then nothing can beat the importance of TCL 10 Pro. This phone is known to beat some of the major models from the biggest smartphone marketing giants any day. But, you should not rely on hollow words only and do check the phone on your own. Running down the features will help you to know more about this masterpiece from the house of TCL.

Top reasons to buy one

Now you must be wondering why purchase TCL 10 pro when the market houses so many other names over here. It is really important to check out all the features before making a purchase. Let’s talk about the top 5 reasons why people are heading towards TCL 10 Pro now!

Enjoy the power of Smart Key or the Mappable button

This 10 Pro model from the house of TCL is known for its mappable button. It is not just an option to choose between one and two things anymore. Now, you have the opportunity to launch your very own apps, to say the least.

It is really hard to find this amazing feature on any of the top models from branded names over here. But, this is one super useful feature of TCL Pro 10, which makes it a must-buy among smartphone users.

Initially speaking, this feature may not sound like much of a big deal, but once you start working on it, you will know the difference it holds. You can always click on the available icon. But once you start using this feature to clean your phone or for launching the most usable app or trying to host some features, this simple feature will turn out to be an amazing game changer.

The game-changing infrared feature of TCL Pro 10

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IR or Infrared has quite disappeared from the phone, with some exceptions like Huawei and Xiaomi models, but not all. Some people are much in love with IR and won’t get satisfied with the phones, which don’t have it, no matter how expensive or branded those models are! Thanks to IR, you can download any Universal Remote App and get to control your TV, streaming box, and aircon, if not more. As you have your phone always on hand, IR becomes a natural application for many.

Well, now you don’t have to worry about that with this Pro 10 model from TCL as it has its own Universal Remote. This remote can easily pair up with the devices you want. So, no need to look for different remotes anymore!

The storage value with microSD

On any kind of phone, let’s just say that storage is pretty critical in nature. Apple is one company to offer you with the models, where storage is never a problem. But, not everyone has the capacity to invest a huge deal of money to purchase iPhones. The rest of the brands have the tendency to present expandable storage. TCL 10 Pro is not different as it allows you to expand storage, with the help of a microSD card.

Checking out the aesthetic of the phone will not let you give away the SIM tray. But if you look under the SIM tray, you will find a card slot for expandable microSD card. So, there won’t be any hamper in design, while dealing with microSD storage slots.

Time for the headphone jack as well

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Well, not all the major and updated smartphones have headphone jacks these days. So, you won’t be able to use your old headphones while using your new phone. This is not the case with TCL Pro 10. With this phone, you will receive a headphone jack. So, if you already have the best travel headphones by your side, you can easily use it with this smartphone ad enjoy music like never before! Just plug in the headphone with the smartphone, and there is no need to worry about draining the battery on the headphone and your phone!

Enjoy the fascinating camera of this model

In case, you are aiming for one point and shoot camera, then this one from TCL Pro 10 will always be your prime choice. The product comes with a 24mp front-facing camera. It is able to capture 1080P / 720P @30FPS videos whenever you want. Furthermore, this phone is known to have some quad rear cameras as well with dual LED Flash. It means the phone has 64MP ultra-high-resolution camera with dual flash and hybrid autofocus.

Not only that but this phone is known to have 123 degrees of super wide-angle. It is perfect for capturing wider scenes. Then it has 5MP macro for some of the close-up shots. You can capture the video at 4K/1080P/720P@30FPS, which again comes with ten times more hybrid digital zoom. Some of the best camera options you will like while using this device are stop and slow-motion ones. You can even use the preview lens of the camera to preview the scene before taking a photo.

Now you know!

Going through these top 5 reasons will help you realize why people are more into purchasing TCL pro 10 models these days. Once you purchased one and start using, you will realize the beauty this product holds. So, get your one now!