How to Take Instagram Photos of Yourself with iPhone – 2024 Tips

If you have a profile on the most popular social network, Instagram, then you know how important good photos and visual identity as a whole are. Visuality is precisely its main characteristic. Therefore, each of its users will strive, consciously or unconsciously, to release content that will provoke the best reactions to its visual content.

The secret of a good photo is to make it as high quality and colorful as possible, because something like that has to stand out from other photos on Instagram. This is especially important for influencers and other people who are very active on Instagram. So everyone wants to have a perfect picture. Especially while we look at fantastic pictures of famous models and in those moments we always wonder why we can’t take pictures like that.

We will reveal one secret to you, and that is that in the world of models, there are certain rules that ordinary people generally do not know. Of course, today it is very easy to learn these rules thanks to the Internet, so below you can learn how to make your perfect image just with your iPhone camera.

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Before you decide to start taking photos, you need to think about one thing. It refers to your style and dress, you know that on Instagram everything revolves around it. This is especially important if you care about what your Instagram profile looks like. You don’t want to deviate from its context.

Our recommendation is to wear some fantastic clothing combination that totally fits with your life as well as your character. Of course, when you have already paid attention to these things, do not allow yourself to choose a location that will completely ruin your appearance, because then you have not achieved anything.

Take photos in different places and give people different visual experiences that they have not had the opportunity to see before.


When you start taking photos, the most important thing during this process is definitely the lighting. Always try to take a photo in natural light. That way you will never make a mistake, trust us. By painting in artificial light, you can only destroy the quality of the image by overloading it with pixels and shadows.

Unlike artificial light, natural light maintains the necessary balance between light and shadow. The camera is simply closer to natural than artificial light. Try it and you will see for yourself. Iphone’s camera is especially good, because it is creating very natural looking photos.

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Don’t listen to stories about how you need a professional photographer to take great pictures! Don’t believe such nonsense. You can take a picture of yourself or with the help of someone else.

It is true that professionals know exactly from which angle to take a picture of you and how to set up the camera, but they are also much more expensive. You’re more likely to come across the bad ones who snap a couple of times with the camera and just take your money. That’s why we tell you that you can do it yourself and much better.

The solution is in the following few poses… While posing, try to cross your legs by making a small gap between your legs while placing one leg in front of the rainbow. This will make you look slimmer and your figure will come to the fore.

Photo editing applications

No matter what you know how to pose, find good lighting, make a good facial expression and you have brand new iPhone still you will need photo editing app. It also sometimes happens that you posed well, chose a fantastic location, but at some point the lighting broke down and similar situations.

Also, adjust the size to be ideal for Instagram, otherwise it won’t fit nicely. Visit to find image sizes cheatsheet.

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An indispensable part of every good photo on Instagram is exactly this detail. It is most responsible for popularizing your photos. This way you place photos with many other people who have similar interests to yours and thus gain more popularity.

It’s a shame that you have a great photo, without specifying a good hashtag and at the same time figuring out who will like that photo. If you use this little trick properly, you will notice the results, and very well.


In the text, we have already mentioned spontaneous reversing as you step forward as one of the suggestions for posing. So the key is spontaneity. We have a few more things to tell you about that … You won’t get a good photo if you spend a lot of time posing well. Sometimes you can take 100 photos while posing in different poses, and in the end you can make a spontaneous movement and it turns out fantastic.

This is because during spontaneous movements we all look more relaxed and thus more natural. So a good photo is just that, the result of constant movement. This means that you need to constantly walk, jump, play, move and basically do anything, just not to pose calmly. You will see how much your image will look spontaneous, effective and how much it will beautify your instagram profile. Of course, sometimes we will need a few more photos to choose the perfect one, but it happens to everyone. Just let your front camera on iPhone do its job.

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Perfect your smile – cough!

Yes. we mean this seriously. It may seem strange to you, but if you want a good photo where your smile will shine and at the same time seem sincere – listen to us! You will achieve this by spreading your lips in a smile and coughing only once. That moment when you cough is crucial and you need to catch it, only it is something between a loud smile and an attempt to cough. I guess you understand us. That way, your mouth will ideally open and you will achieve a rather spontaneous smile. Very fast front camera of iPhone will certainly capture the right moment.


You know that well-known sentence – a picture speaks more than a thousand words. Well, that’s true, so we should make an effort while presenting ourselves to the public in photos. We are sure that after reading the text, you have learned some tricks that will make you look fabulous while taking shoots of yourself with your iPhone.