Secret Surveillance Software to Protect Small Business

Entrepreneurs across the world take the support of different tools and tactics to keep their workers under surveillance. There was a time when human supervision was the only way to monitor business operations. In this digital age, business owners and managers have software and apps to monitor workers, manage business operations, and protect sensitive information. There are scores of business management and surveillance software that facilitate small and medium scale businesses. This article discusses how secret surveillance software facilitates employers in protecting business and monitoring employees.

Role of Secret Surveillance Software

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Employee monitoring is the most important aspect of businesses because it has a great influence on output and company income. If your workers are not giving their best, it will have a negative impact on their productivity. Resultantly, the company would not be able to achieve targets and get the desired profit.

The secret surveillance program of TheOneSpy enables businesses to avoid such situations and boost their workers’ efficiency. It allows keeping track of their workers’ performance inside and outside the workplace. Employers can find out what their workers are doing on their computers and mobile phones during and after working hours. The surveillance prevents workers from unproductive acts and wrongdoings. Also, it enhances their efficiency and helps the business to flourish.

How to Make Use of Secret Surveillance Software

To take the support of the secret surveillance program, you need to get company-owned mobile phones and computers installed with the software. After the installation of surveillance software on digital devices, employers can monitor the use of these devices without having access. The software lets you monitor and control the monitored device via the web portal of the surveillance software. Read on to know how you can use the software to monitor the activities of your workforce.

Monitor Browsing History

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The Internet is crucial for managing business operations efficiently. However, the inappropriate and unmanaged use of the internet can negatively influence the productivity of the workers. The studies confirm that the majority of employees use the company internet for online shopping, updating personal social media profiles, and watching favorite videos. The secret surveillance software lets you monitor the internet use of workers. You can get access to the internet browsing history of their tracked mobile phones and computer devices. It lets you know which websites your workers visit and how frequently.

Monitor Online and Offline Chats

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Monitoring the online and offline conversations of your workers helps combat harassments, unproductive gossip, and bad-mouthing about the company. Using the surveillance software, you can monitor messaging apps, including default text messaging app and instant messengers like WhatsApp, Skype, and Line. The monitoring app creates an online backup of messages stored in the inbox and outbox of the targeted cell phone. You can access the backup via the web portal of the spy app. Also, you can monitor emails and get the contact information of communicators.

Monitor Social Media Activities

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The social media monitoring software allows tracking activities of the social media team. You can track Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and many other platforms used for social media marketing. The secret surveillance program lets you track the performance of your marketing and social media management team. You can track their social media chats, posts, shared media files, and followers-list.

Save Credentials

The surveillance software allows monitoring online accounts of your workers. You can access the credentials of online accounts operated on the company-owned mobile phone and computer devices. The spy software secretly records keystrokes applied to the monitored device, which includes keyloggers of passwords, usernames and email addresses. You can retrieve these keyloggers via the web portal of the spy software.

Call Recording

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The phone calls of your concerned individuals or groups can be recorded to keep an eye on their verbal communication. This is useful when you are managing a contact center where phone calls are prime sources to communicate with customers. The call recording lets you evaluate the performance of your workers.

Screen Recording

The real-time computer and mobile phone activities can be monitored secretly with the help of a screen recording feature of the surveillance software. You can find out what your workers are doing on their digital devices in real-time. The spy app allows closely monitoring screens of your workers by getting them recorded for a short period or by taking screenshots.