5 Places You Can Put a Smoke Detector in The House – 2024 Guide

If you did some digging before opening this article, you probably learned that besides a carbon monoxide alarm, a smoke detector is also one of the most crucial things that you can install in your home. Not only will it protect you, your family members, and pets, but, it will also allow you to act fast, which means that you can call the firefighters before you entirely lose your home and all your assets.

However, if you never owned and fitted one before, you might be wondering – where should I put it? Well, for starters, a lot of experts recommend that you set a few of them around your home and this is exactly what we’ll discuss in this article today. Let’s take a look at the 5 spots you could – and should – connect a smoke indicator system:

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Every Floor In Your Home Should Have One

No matter if you live in a house that has one floor or three, you should definitely choose to implement one of these life-saving gadgets on each of the floors – do not forget the basement and attic as well. This will allow you to quickly learn that there is a fire in your house, which means that you’ll be able to get everyone out safely.

The Bedrooms

There might be flames spreading all over your home while you are sleeping, you’ll definitely want an alarm to wake you up. This is why a wide range of experts recommend that you have one in or out of each bedroom. Additionally, you might want to keep a fire escape ladder upstairs – which will allow you to safely get out from the top floors.

The Stairs

You might not want a ladder hanging around your hallway, and if so, you should opt for connecting one near or above your stairs as well. After all, the stairs in your home are the fastest way out, and placing on above them can easily alert other people living with you. Hence, no matter if the stairs lead to your basement, attic, or second floor, fix this gadget close to them.

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The Most Commonly Used Rooms

Your living room, kitchen, and garage are some of the most commonly used rooms in your house, and this is exactly why you must add a layer of protection. For instance, your kitchen might have some leftover grease, there are possible materials that can catch fire quickly, and there are towels, hence, it is most susceptible to fire.

Additionally, if your living room has a fireplace, you must, I repeat, you must have a smoke alarm there, especially if you like to start a fire during the cold winter months. Ensure that you also have an extinguisher there since it can assist you with stopping the blaze from spreading to other areas.

The Garage

Besides the aforementioned locations, you’ll also want to put one in your garage, especially if there are various items such as paint, gasoline, old furniture, and more importantly, your vehicle or vehicles. Hence, you must ensure that you set a smoke alarm in your garage as well.

However, if you do choose to implement it in your garage, you might not want to turn on your car while you are inside the garage, especially since the smoke from the exhaust pipe can trigger the system. So, if you choose to have one in there, you must remember not to turn on your vehicle inside.

Frequently Asked Questions: Answered

Since you maybe never owned and connected a smoke detector, you probably have a lot of questions when it comes to the location, types, and maintenance, but luckily, we’ll answer those questions as well. Some of the most common FAQs about connecting and maintaining these devices are:

How to Choose One?

There are two main gadgets that you can opt for – a photoelectric one and one that is ionizing. According to the experts from X-Sense, a smoke alarm that is photoelectric can identify larger fire residues, while the other type is better at identifying invisible particles from the flames.

Since you’ll probably be implementing a few of them around your house, you can actually opt for both of the options, which means that you’ll be able to completely cover your residence without fearing that a large or small fire won’t be detected. Additionally, think about the features you want these gadgets to have.

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Where Should I Put Them?

You’ll want to choose spots that are higher – such as the highest part of your wall or the ceiling – since the smoke continuously rises. Keep in mind – you should never place them near your windows, doors, appliances, and vents since these things can easily interfere with the entire system leaving your susceptible to danger.

Also, no matter which type or manufacturer you opt for, it is important to combine all of the systems. Why? Well, if one of them goes off, the rest of them will as well, hence, you’ll certainly hear the alarm going off, especially if there is one of the devices in each of your rooms and hallways.

What About The Maintenance?

These devices are generally easy to maintain. For starters, you’ll want to test them all out at least twice every month, mostly because the batteries can run low. If you notice that it is weaker than usual, you should immediately replace the batteries. Additionally, since they have a lifespan of approximately a decade, you’ll want to replace the gadgets after that time period passes.

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Is The Installation Difficult?

It is incredibly easy to install these devices. Most of them have to be simply screwed into the ceiling or location that you want to place them on, while others have a double-sided adhesive tape that will make the entire process even simpler, which means that you can install it even if you do not have previous experience.


By following the list of places mentioned above, you’ll be able to ensure that you, your family members, pets, as well as your house and assets remain safe if a fire ever occurs in your residence. And, if you opt for installing several of them, instead of one, you’ll protect everyone and everything in your home.

Now that you are aware of some of the best places that you could choose to install a smoke detector system in, you should not lose any more of your time. Instead, start browsing brick-and-mortar, as well as online businesses in order to find the best smoke detectors that will suit your requirements and budget.