Things To Know Before Coming To Australia in 2024

Arriving in Australia is a big step for those who are planning to come. You’ll probably travel half-a-world, so you need to be well-informed. You must be aware of all the risks and benefits that come with such a move.

What is your goal?

While this is one of the most irritating questions, it is justified because you need to have a plan. If you’re coming to Australia just to get citizenship and then return to your home country, you better don’t start. Because it will be a difficult and futile few years for you. At least four years under current laws.


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If you come from the Balkans or one of the developing countries, your experience is such that you probably do not worry about taxes. Maybe you thought your taxes were automatically deducted? But, things are a little bit different here. Taxes are mandatory. You pay them yourself at the end of the financial year. The financial year runs from 1 July to 30 June next year. Don’t be “smart” and try to avoid paying taxes because most taxes go to public services. And these public services are essentially the main reason why Australia is socially enticing.

Help yourself

You need to know that in Australia you have to do everything by yourself. No one will do anything for you. And you should not do provide working favors to others, but every job is paid by law. Of course, some would like to earn an extra dollar on your ignorance, but these are rare cases.

The society is so well organized that if you work you can enjoy. Without worrying about basic bills or traveling. Live a simple life as a normal human being independent of others. Do not expect help from anyone. In particular, do not expect help from relatives, friends or acquaintances. Many of those who come with the hope that someone will help them usually return home disappointed. They are trying to get rid of the responsibility of their failure.

In Australia, the rules of multiculturalism are respected

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Respect for other people and the way you behave in public is very important in this country. Almost everyone in Australia is kind and helpful when needed. You’ll be surprised how many cultural, religious and racial differences there are here. But despite these differences, everyone follows the rule of respect for others. So if you have a problem with this, then Australia is not the place for you. Religious, racial, sexual or any other kind of intolerance is not desirable here. Be kind to people so others will be kind to you.

Have realistic expectations

Be realistic. Australia is a wonderful country with a great chance of becoming something big if you strive. But in your expectations, you have to be down to earth. No matter how educated or smart you are, don’t expect all the doors to open just for you. If you understand this on time, you have a great chance for a good start.

Look for a job as soon as you get your visa

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You must start looking for a job as soon as you get a visa. So you can best understand how everything works. Depending on your qualifications, you may have problems with previous experience. But if you’re prepared to be rejected for lack of experience, working in Australia or another English-speaking country will be less painful. Persistence is what will get you to the job you want. For more useful information go to

Learn English and get involved in the community

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Do not think about living in settlements where the majority of the population originates from your country. If you want to live in an environment where most of the people speak your language, then you better stay home. That way you will certainly not have the right Australia experience. Try to find a place that you like and not a place where your relatives live. You are here to start a new life, not to continue the old one in a different environment with the same people.

Don’t trust the experiences of others, but remember them

It’s just human nature. We forget the bad things, and talk and overdo the good things we’ve experienced. The same is when it comes to the hard experiences of other people. Sure, it doesn’t mean that it will be our experience too. But nevertheless, pay attention. By listening to other people you can learn a lot. But always keep in mind one thing. You have to solve the problems by yourself.