Tito was not a Yugoslav?

Famous Yugoslav communist leader and one of the creators of the Non-Aligned movement, Josip Broz Tito, was not of Yugoslav origin, according to a document on the phonetic analysis of the language he spoke, recently published on the website of the CIA.

The CIA document was recently declassified, and in it is noted that Tito spoke Serbo-Croatian, but with a foreign accent. In a comprehensive analysis of possible languages which could have been Tito’s mother language, Russian and Polish are the most possible ones.

Vowel ”I” is pronounced the same after soft and hard consonants in Serbo-Croatian. On the other hand, those who have Russian or Polish as their mother language, would pronounce that vowel as soft ”N”, and that’s the way Tito spoke, which was described as foreign accent in the CIA document.

Authors of the document say that it would be logical to assume that controversial Tito was Russian or Polish, but stressed that his identity can only be assumed, and that he certainly isn’t of “Yugoslav origin.”

They also note that only Tito’s non-Yugoslav origin was the key to success in dealing with ethnic problems in multicultural Yugoslavia, and his impartiality and persistence. Therefore, that is the reason why Tito ruled not a Serb, Croat or Slovenian, but as a Yugoslav.