BANJA LUKA  – Primary school students from a small town in Bosnia and Herzegovina went to a five-day excursion, and after some time it turned out that seven schoolgirls got pregnant on it.




National Coordinator for Reproductive Health of the Republika Srpska Nenad Babici said that children engage in sexual relations as early as at age of 13 or 14 and added that primary school students from a small town in Bosnia and Herzegovina went to a five-day trip, and after some time it turned out that seven schoolgirls got pregnant on it.

He said that the reason for this was neglect of parents, but also educational institutions, toward the education of children.

Babic said that early engagement in sexual relations later leads to a series of consequences such as infertility, various diseases, miscarriages and premature births.

“In the Republika Srpska between 15 to 18 percent of people are struggling with infertility, we have 15 percent of miscarriages and between 5 to 10 percent premature births,” he said.

Only last year, according to the Clinical Center of the University in Sarajevo, 31 minors gave birth, four of them are 15 years old, ten are 16 years old and 17 are 17 years old.

The problem of adolescent in Bosnia and Herzegovina is becoming more prominent, but information on the increasing number of sexually active girls aged between 13 and 15 years of age is also shocking.

Thus, on a website where girls seek advice from experts, gynecologists, peers, one of them wrote:”I would have sex with my boyfriend, even though I’m only 14… But I am afraid I’ll be judged.”

The page also contains information according to which boys engage in sexual relations at age of 11, writes “Dnevni Avaz”.

Sarajevo gynecologist Senad Mehmedbasic says that it is terrible that girls aged 13 or 16 engage in sexual relations, but adds that this is something that, unfortunately, is in the trend.

He warns that in these cases both pregnancy and child birth are highly risky. “It is obvious that children do not have enough of health education so they engage in such activities, not knowing the consequences. We have to be more direct in the educational system, it must not be allowed that street teaches children about intimate matters, and that they are later slapped by life,” he said.


  1. Oh, s..t.
    When I was at school and went to excursions, we could just challenge other cities’ students in some football games in front of monuments or buildings or whatever.
    Today’s young have a lot of fun than we had then…

    • I experienced that as being the result of a still very patriarchal culture: Boys must have sex else they are not real men (even in this age..) – and the girls must obey and raising girls to be opinionated is not really part of the culture..

  2. I don’t think underage students should go on “five-day excursion” school field trips, especially within the same small country. No overnights should be necessary: just do it all in one day.

  3. I’m a retired paramedic…
    I’ve been involved with a LOT of unwanted / unplanned pregnancies over a LONG E.M.S.-First-Responder’ career…

    I have read various takes on this story, via various sites, and i wonder:
    What responsible parent in their right mind fails to discuss condoms / contraception with their children these days?
    Not only do condoms prevent unwanted / unplanned pregnancies, but, they ALSO prevent S.T.D.’s!

    S.T.D.’s kill…
    That fact alone makes condom use 101% moral!!

    As for the ‘abstinence – only’ crowd, keep in mind:
    At the time of her, (allegedly ‘vodka-fueled’…) consensual impregnation…
    Bristol Palin, daughter of the failed Alaska governor, was the, (‘just-say-no’), peer-to-peer-anti-sex-counselor at her high school!!

    Using a condom is a life-Enhancing, hassle-preventing item, and ANYONE who whines about, (supposed), morality issues, is, themselves, being…
    …They should be laughed off the podium!


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